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Wolf and Spice. New manga, with anime to follow in '08.

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Whoooo whooo this is sexy !

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Is this furry?

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in b4 Dangerously_Furry.jpg

No. Furry involves animals with human characteristics. This is a wolf-girl (human with ears and tail) who is a spirit (like a kyuubi) that protected a village. This is no more furry than Naruto, Higurashi, etc. If she were completely covered with fur, with an animal muzzle, with animal legs and hands, THEN it would be furry.

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File: 1195917750521.jpg -(130080 B, 300x470) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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Pic related.

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Looks hot. Is it getting scanlated?

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It's a friggen book series atm.
That girl's a 400-year old demon, by the way.

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That's no loli, boy. No loli.

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1301 GET

Why would anyone think she is a loli? Breasts are automatic loli-disqualification.

Yes, you can find it on Tokyo Toshokan. It was just released for distribution (scanlated) a day or so ago.

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Anon has loose definitions. Besides, those are pretty small breasts.

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In b4 loli_size_comparison.jpg

They are small, but they've not tried to portray her as a loli in the manga, fake or not.

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