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If this Boku picture doesn't get Laibachguy back here, I'm leaving.

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Well, it got me back here.

#2, Laibachguy's already here.

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dude move i can't see

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but I am here.

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DFN wins the match!

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OP: hold it wait that looks like tomoe

note the mole under her left eye

Last edited 07/11/17(Sat)03:48.

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You've got the "moe" part right, anyhow.

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Ask her to open her right eye.

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If you were in a hotel in the UK, would you Laibach and think of England?

...I'll get mycoat.

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that sentence makes no sense to me either

>> No.5026   [Delete]

it's a pun on 'lie back', you idiots

>> No.5028   [Delete]


Don't know about Lempicka, but English isn't Laibachguy's first language (you're Finnish, right?). Cut em some slack.

>> No.5045   [Delete]


English is my first language. I just didn't put it together at first.

>> No.5046   [Delete]

I was actualy pondering if the England part had some hidden meaning. I did get the lie back part.

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Lol Eurofag joke.

>> No.5064   [Delete]

Theres a place for this crap to go and its not on this site.

>> No.5065   [Delete]

Eh, we can't all be Amerifags.
Or Eurofags. Or...
Japanfags? Russianfags?

goes back to bed

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Just call us Dollfags

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Dollfags International

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The Dolluminati

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