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Little bit of desu...

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I wear heterochromatic contacts as well.

Except, my left eye is naturally green so I only need a honey coloured contact in the right one.

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There was this girl I worked with at Chick-fil-A way back in the day that had, I think a green and yellow eye thing going on. I remember it being incredible, but the world was not ready for that then. I thought it was almost scary... If I knew then what I do now...

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Well I wantedt to do that, too. But not with a honey brown eye. there MUST be red contacts for medical purpose out there. I just have to find em. (And I dont need glasses/contacts. But who cares? I just make them belive I need some!)

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I did try browsing around for red coloured contacts, however, I only was told they were for costume/Halloween purposes. For shame.

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I think these sites, or communicating with these sites could get people that want true to desu eyes their contacts. I'm sure you could get some Gin-chan eyes as well.



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someone contact them for all of /desu/ and have them mass produced for anonymous...

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Holy shit custom contacts are expensive. Are those corrective lenses, or just regular?

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I found the first one, too. Crazy seller. You can get more or less decent "fun-lenses" for much less money. (around 40$ or a bit more)

The thing is to find some that can be worn more than one day or a week. At least a month. And that still would be horribly expansive... :/

All I can do is going the "Yuna way". My blue eyes are matching her blue one PERFECTLY!
So I would just need a gren one.
Would be nice, too.
But Yuna is not Desu...


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