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As far as I can tell, desuchan is filled with people who want to spend money on Rozen Maiden swag. But not everyone here knows how to purchase swag, outside of waiting for an auction to appear on eBay and then forking out the inflated prices.

Well, I spent some time researching and I managed to find a much better alternative that some of us know and others of us aren't aware of yet.

Proxy bid services for the Japanese equivalent of eBay: Yahoo Auction Japan. There are a lot of different choices you can make, but they're all essentially the same thing. It's exactly what it sounds like too. Proxy bid services bid on auctions in yahoo japan, and once the package arrives to them they send it out overseas to you.

I ended up having to learn about Yahoo Auction Japan without even an FAQ page, but recently I managed to dig up a tutorial page describing Yahoo Auction Japan in its entirety.


This page was actually made as a tutorial for signing up to Yahoo Auction and bidding yourself, but don't bother with that. I've gone through Yahoo Auction Japan and the ridiculous majority do not ship overseas. It's a pain, so I think it's best that you just disregard the majority of the tutorial.

Continuing, this page also lists fourteen different sites to use, most for bidding on yahoo auction japan, some for purchasing from web sites.

I spent all day going through all the listed sites in order to find the best rates, and on the way through I noticed that each site had pretty much the same payment outline.

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Payment includes the following
Final bid (whatever the bid ends at

  • Domestic shipping from auction to proxy service (often about 1,000 yen per auction)
  • International Shipping proxy to you (more on this later)
  • the comission to the site for bidding (different for each site, usually a percent)
  • 200 to 300 yen for the bank transfer

and finally increase this total by about 4% (or multiply the total thus far by 1.04) in order for Paypal to convert your money into Yen.

Let's say the final bid is 5000 yen, domestic shipping is 1000 yen, the comission total is ten percent or 500 yen in this case, and overseas shipping is 2400 yen. Add these four values plus the bank transfer rate of 300 yen and finally chip in the four percent in order for paypal to get their cut. The equation looks like (5000 + 1000 + 500 + 2400 + 300)*1.04 = 9568 yen.

Phew, a bit hard to punch in the numbers, but not that complicated. Just pay the final bid, two shippings, commission, bank exchange, and paypal exchange.

Now, you might be thinking to yourself "dang, the price almost doubled!" But that's just not the case. If you lived in Japan, you'd fork out the final bid plus the domestic shipping. In the earlier example, the total went from 6000 to 9568, not 5000 to 9568.

That's a very menial price to pay considering how absolutely MASSIVE the market is on Rozen Maiden goods on Yahoo Auction Japan. The price of bidding directly from there is much cheaper than waiting for someone to import the product.

Don't believe me?

Go ahead to http://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/jp/ and type in the kanji for Rozen Maiden: ローゼンメイデン or better yet, just go to this pre-prepped page

If you click on this link within a year of this post, then chances are there's over a hundred yahoo auctions. With twenty per page, that's plus two thousand auctions that you couldn't get on eBay.

While I'm on the subject, here are a couple of good terms to enter in to make your auctioning a bit easier.

ローゼンメイデン : Rozen Maiden
手描きイラスト : Hand drawing illuistration (fan art ranging from mediocre to maGINificent.)
フィギュア : figure, adding this one in will cause assembled figures to pop up, like the SRDX Yuijin figures or the Good Smile Shinku (pretty much what's in the pic up there).
ガレージキット : Garage kit, these are the figures you assemble and paint.
Wikipedia has the names for each doll in japanese if you're looking for something in particular from there.

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Don't be intimidated by all the moon speak. If you seen an item you want, but you don't win it, don't hesitate to babelfish the title of the auction and isolate a word or two that distinguishes the item from most of the auction. Don't bother going through over a hundred pages of auctions day after day, just plug in the necessary characters and bam.

So, we've gone through what proxy auctions are, a tutorial explaining everything relevant about yahoo japan, the fees involved with proxy bidding, and finally words of relevant interest to desuchan.

Let's go back and examine the services, pointed out on that tutorial. Don't bother clicking them all, I already spent all day writing down and comparing the total fees. Turns out I think I found one that's the cheapest.

I'll be using Goody Japan http://goody-japan.com/ for all my auctions from here on out. For a 5000 yen auction they charge 750 yen, and 950 yen for up to 7001 yen. Afterwards it's apparently thirteen percent.

These commission prices are low, but they aren't the lowest. To be honest, the sites either overcharge on the commission by a lot or they have a normal price. This one appears normal at first, but there's one aspect about the bill that makes the total far cheaper than any other.

Japan Goody doesn't charge the final 4 percent Paypal remittance fee. It's the only site I've seen that doesn't. This, on top of it's already cheaper rates makes it the best value as far as I can tell. The only drawback I can tell is that there's a very slight bit of engrish in the site, so I'm assuming they aren't as fluent with English as us, but they still apparently get by very nicely.

If I'm mistaken and you find a site with a rate cheaper than this, then post the site immediately. None of us wants to pay any more than we have to. I seriously doubt that any of the sites on the tutorial page have cheaper prices, I went through them all. But to be honest, arranging and finding all that information was difficult and tiring.

With this out of the way, let's move on to purchasing items from japanese sites. Japan Goody, as well as some other sites, offer to purchase items from japanese sites aside from Yahoo Auction Japan. There's a good chance you won't even use this, but there is a product I've only seen on a Japanese website and not ever in Yahoo Auction Japan.

Before continuing, I'd like to point out that I've never used Japan Goody, though I plan on doing so in the very near future. I'll be sure to post whether or not the transaction ended successfully. If you want to wait until our business in order to see if he's legit then you'll have to wait a little over a week.

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Remember earlier when I mentioned shipping charges and how they varied? Well that's because there are two main methods of shipping. EMS and Sal (Surface air lift)

Here's a page with the rates conveniently located next to each other and hobbylink Japan's description of the two shipping services
The tl;dr version of this is, EMS is much faster, it takes five to seven days and is only a little bit more expensive. I personally recommend EMS unless you're getting one small item and one small item only.

If you purchase a lot (hundreds of dollars or euros) online, you will pay a lot in shipping, regardless of which you use. Let's say you order 7kg of items. That's either 10700 with EMS or 9400 with SAL. Both are expensive, and there's only a 1300 difference. Go with the faster EMS for your own good.

Remember, all the fees and this information may seem overwhelming, but bidding online through a proxy service is the cheapest way to go, and the only way if you want something very rare.
I'm pretty sure I haven't forgotten anything in making this post. If you're wondering why I chose to post this in /do/, well, this board seems like it's the most appropriate. A lot of the dolls and figures I see in this subform can be purchased easily using a proxy service. If you're wondering, the pic above contains some of my figures.

Hopefully I've been able to assist some of the people here by spending the last two hours on this post alone. As for your future business, good luck.

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Interesting. Anyone else have any experience with this?

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Oh, I loev you, Anonworth. <3 Thank you for taking the time to research and write this. I've always wanted to buy stuff from Japan itself or rather, moonspeak sites(since I have a fair knowledge of it, enough to buy stuff at least), but was always dismayed that they don't ship overseas.

About the moonspeak... ローゼンメイデン is katakana, not kanji, for one(but it doesn't matter since you're just copypasta-ing it anyway). The characters' names are(in case you don't feel like going to Wikipedia):


Other useful terms to know are アニメ, anime, まんが or 漫画, manga, ドール or 人形, doll, and the other stuff Anonworth mentioned in his second post.

Last edited 07/10/06(Sat)23:07.

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Time for an update.

When I was comparing commission rates I noticed that each service charged a different amount for higher priced items.

For the most part, Japan Goody is the cheapest up until a certain point. If you think you're going to spend just a little under three hundred thousand yen (300,000 yen) then the cheapest service is the Yahoo Auction Japan Snipe Service

Turns out, they charge fifty USD in comission for auctions that end from 40,000 to 500,000 yen. His earlier rates (pre 40k) are slightly more expensive, but to charge only fifty USD for an auction that ends at five hundred thousand yen is incredibly cheap.

Japan Goody and other places would charge eight to twelve percent for an auction with that price tag. Twelve percent is 36,000 yen, but fifty USD is less than 6,000 yen!

Realize first that in order to get this benefit you need to spend three hundred thousand yen, and there aren't many different situations where this will happen.

However, I can think of one popular circumstance where some of us would consider spending that much.


As you start searching on Yahoo you might run into a seller named kyogokutakamasa, a seller who also runs his own proxy service.


Apparently his commission rate is only five percent AND you only pay the four percent paypal remittance fee if you use your credit/debit card (paying out of the bank through paypal for instance doesn't result in the four percent.) This rate seems incredible, but he has a steady yen/dollar conversion rate of one dollar to one hundred yen. I'm fairly certain that this makes his service more expensive than at least Japan Goody.

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A little bit of a delay in posting, but I've done some moar research gaiz.

Seems I'm not the only one here interested in the animation of Rozen Maiden, specifically the cels when often end up going on sale.

As far as Rozen Maiden goes, there are two distinct forms of cel you can purchased, genga and rilezu.

Genga are the sketches drawn up by the studio, in this case Peach-Pit. Being sketches, they don't have solid painted color. Since they're part of the animation, they're usually found in (sometimes stapled) sets, one genga per layer or for two distinct moments of animation.

For instance, one genga for the background, one for the character. and perhaps another for the character a moment later when they move.

According to wikipedia, Rilezu cels are hand painted cels based on the original sketches, but were not used in the actual production of the anime. These cels are created for the sole purpose of providing collectors with a tangible cel for their collection. Rilezu cels often come with the original sketches used for the animation.

What we define as Genga and Relizu have different names in japan. I can't confirm either yet, but I'm somewhat certain that genga are referred to as rough field pictures ( ラフ原画 )

Regardless of this information, the distinction is very unclear to a lot of people for some reason. It's substantially wiser to search with the term cell picture ( セル画 ).

I have a ton of genga (layers/sketches) from Rozen Maiden. Most of it is in a series of images that goes through three entire episodes. Unfortunately, I have no rilezu, no fully colored cells just yet.

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I've ordered tons of anime crap on Yahoo Japan through crescent shop.

>> No.1163   [Delete]

All right, I decided to go ahead and make an order with Japan Goody.

Seems like the final bill will might warrant me having used the Snipe Service.

Regardless, the auctions I'm looking at are all about to end very soon. At first the curator of Japan Goody went ahead with the order and bid on all but the last auction (the only non RM one). I wonder what happened.

I hope she returns before the two most important auctions end!

We'll see how it peters out tomorrow morning. It's all art, sans what's being purchased from the store.

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File: 1192993872153.jpg -(548585 B, 2090x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ok, here are the results.

W = won
L = Lost
S = Store-bought
P = Pending (I'm winning but the auction isn't over yet)
B = Backed down (outbid before the end/won't pursue)

The highest priority in this auction were the two Hamuleen pictures at the top, both done by the same artist. Rather than win none or both, I managed to win Suiseiseki, ironically at a lower price than Souseiseki (3,200 yen vs 4,300 yen).

I was hoping that my 4,200 would have held out but dang, now they'll be seperated! And since there's only going to be the PACIFIC OCEAN in between them there's no chance they'll be reunited.


The hina at the bottom ends one and a half days from now, I'm still watching it. The two pending auctions end in 22 hours.

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Browsed like 50 pages of RM stuff and couldn't find a single seller who would've shipped internationally.

Too bad... There was some really neat stuff there...

>> No.1177   [Delete]

then why don't you get a proxy bidder to bid for you and then have said proxy bidder send it to you? The first auctioneer won't generally ship overseas, but they send it to the proxy bidder and then that person sends it to you.

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Or if your a rich bastard like me, forget about the whole auction crap and go to Tokyo directly and smuggle loads of Rozen Maiden stuff back into the country.

Instant Win and without the knowledge of reading Wapanese

>> No.1183   [Delete]

I see. I thought the proxy bidder is some guy living somewhere( =not necessarily in Japan).

>> No.1184   [Delete]

Ha ha, yeah that's the only decent way to get Yakult.

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bump for useful information

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Hey OP, how long did it take Goody Japan to contact you after your auctions were over?

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