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Who thinks Kanaria's English voice is good?

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All English voices sucks.

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True. But it wasn't as bad as Hina's

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I haven't listened yet.
Are there any samples?

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Search "Rozen Maiden English" on Veoh. Just listen to episode 2 for Bara and 3 for Kana

Last edited 07/11/24(Sat)01:38.

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subs only. я щетаю.

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Bara at 2:42 on episode 2. My god, that is just the worst voice acting performance EVER.

Also, Kana's voice makes me wanna kill something.

>> No.1470   [Delete]

Bara's PERFORMANCE was okay... Bara's meant to be monotone and cold.
Bara's actual VA however is just wrong.

>> No.1471   [Delete]

LaPlace has a fucking awesome voice.

>> No.1472   [Delete]

Pronouncing the name ka-NA-ri-A = fail.
Kanaria has emphasis on all syllables.

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The voices are all shit. It's just that Bara and Kana were somewhat better than the others. It came out wrong when I said it was good. Good=Better than most. The worst ones are Suiseiseki and Hinaichigo.

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Oh come on.

"Pitiful. It is so sad. You are so pitiful. You cannot fight me. It is pitiful. How pathetic and weak. And pitiful. (Also, did I already mention it's pitiful?)"

Not only is that dialogue absolute shit, she delivers it in a completely unconvincing voice.

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This close to hearing her say "festival of blood." THIS CLOSE.

>> No.1476   [Delete]

So I see they've replaced "kashira" with "ya know?".

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Maybe we Desutards should redub the episodes in Engirish, but keeping all the Kashiras, Desus, Dawas, Bokus, and Ugyuus.
Only problem is, I doubt we have enough people of the feminine persuasion to do so.

(Edit for putting ; instead of an l in problem)

Last edited 07/11/24(Sat)22:26.

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You realize that even in the original Japanese Bara-bara was horrendously repetitive.
Coulda done it a bit more insane-y though.

>> No.1479   [Delete]

I'm sure you realize that keeping the boku doesn't make any sense since it actually gets translated properly

On a side note, when I watch other animes now, I find myself excessively aware of when characters say "kashira"... I guess it's mostly just not knowing japanese so the few words I know are more noticable, but "kashira" seems to stand out more than all the others.

I was watching Utawarerumono last night and I kept hearing "kashira"s left and right, was rather odd

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File: 1195940498062.jpg -(65589 B, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Bara is a cold, scheming, emotionless character, not insane. So her original seiyu's voice is quite suitable. IMHO.

Last edited 07/11/25(Sun)00:43.

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>not insane


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no rly what

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>>1481 >>1482 >>1483
She showed first signs of insanity only after consuming other dolls Rosae Mystica. That was the begining of her self-destruction.

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File: 1195946016776.png -(376614 B, 811x602) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I suppose you're right.
After all, she only gave her first crazy look immediately after taking both Kanaria's and Suiseiseki's.

>> No.1486   [Delete]

eh...not so sure on that one.
In Traumend episode 2 she looked pretty twisted.

But I think her English-dubbed voice should have been at least more...child-like or she should have spoken in an eerie whisper.

And Kanaria's dubbed voice just made me laugh hysterically

>> No.1487   [Delete]

We could do this, but there's not a lot of male characters in the show. Among the male characters that actually talk, we have Jun, Laplace, and Enju. I can't say I'd be proud of voicing any of them.

I guess we could dub the Kunkun Duell Walzer OVA...

>> No.1488   [Delete]


>In Traumend episode 2 she looked pretty twisted.

Cause she is twisted, plotting, double-crossing Bara as we know and love her XD

>> No.1490   [Delete]

I just downloaded and watched this. IF WE DO THIS, I TOTALLY FUCKING CALL BEING KUNKUN.

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