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Doesn't seem like a bad idea, but we're going to need some dedicated people to get anywhere. If this actually goes somewhere, I'll create a board dedicated to support the group.

People we're going to need:

  1. Translators. Pretty much the most important job.
  2. Editors, since text only translations are painful.
  3. Scanners, assuming there's no alternative to acquiring a digital copy of a certain manga/doujin.


>> No.1181   [Delete]

I would like to help with editing where it's needed.

>> No.1182   [Delete]

Probably should post this on the front page too

>> No.1185   [Delete]

I can do some translating in my spare time. Will probably need a few people to help fix up my mistakes though.

>> No.1227   [Delete]

I can read Hiragana and Katakana and use Google or Babelfish to translate it, if that'd help at all.

>> No.1228   [Delete]

I've got photoshop and can use it pretty well, can't translate anything though.

>> No.1229   [Delete]

Proofreading and editing is something I do for a living. You've my services if you want them.

>> No.1231   [Delete]

Good idea.

You won't be able to do much without furigana. Otherwise, I might do some translating myself. :/

>> No.1232   [Delete]

If you plan on doing Rozen Maiden at all, I have scans.

>> No.1234   [Delete]

The only thing I can do is editing. If sb can provide me the typical "manga font" I would be happy to help that way.
Of course Ill help without the font,too. If thats ok.

No translating from me. I hardly understand spoken Japanese.

>> No.1235   [Delete]

I can help translating, while I have knowledge on katakana, hiragana and know some kanji, I would not be able to translate everything, but I could do some basic work.

>> No.1236   [Delete]

That's probably more than enough moonspeak skills for the hentai doujins.

>> No.1238   [Delete]

Hmmm, yeah.
Well I should start using a name instead of just anon, bleh.
Also I should add that english isn't my first language.(no moonspeak is not my first language, even if my father is japanese and etc)

>> No.1240   [Delete]

I can help you to translate sum material to spanish.... XDD

EspaƱol.. lo hablas?

>> No.1241   [Delete]


Same situation over here.

>> No.1242   [Delete]

I can't translate much, but I do have a Kanji dictionary and a few Japanese-English dictionaries if that helps at all.

>> No.1243   [Delete]

>>1235 here
If that's the case, I can translate it to portuguese, lawlz

>> No.1244   [Delete]

can we translate this first?



>> No.1245   [Delete]


Done, sort of.

>> No.1246   [Delete]


I havent checked.But I meant the whole doujin XD

It's a lot to ask, but I love the guy's RM doujins, and he only made 4. So. I'd do it myself if I knew japanese

>> No.1247   [Delete]

I have the last Rozen Maiden manga and a translation of it but the scans have not been edited with the English text. I do not own the manga, I do not know Japanese and I didn't make this.

However, if someone wants to shoop the translated text into the scanned pictures, that would be fine too. If someone is up for it, I will post a link to the file.

I would appreciate if someone posted the remaining mangas that took place after the end of Traumend in the anime.

>> No.1248   [Delete]


Will do.

>> No.1249   [Delete]


I did not make this.

>> No.1250   [Delete]



>> No.1252   [Delete]

I have the whole thing doujin if anybody wants to translateit. It has desu and gin raep!

>> No.1254   [Delete]

so whats up? can we get together for a translating or not? It would be a shame if that project fails... :(

>> No.1256   [Delete]

So who's in for sure and who isn't? Without at least one translator and one editor, we won't be doing anything.

>> No.1257   [Delete]

I'll be in as a translator. I'm not sure how much I can actually do, so another translator might be nice to add on.

I have 2 Japanese-English dictionaries, one for kanji and one for everything else, but that's still not enough for everything, and a basic knowledge of sentence structure and know the kana.

>> No.1258   [Delete]



>> No.1259   [Delete]


Count me in for sure as an Editor.

>> No.1262   [Delete]

I could help out with translation and editing.

>> No.1263   [Delete]

Yeah, I don't know much japanese at all, but I'll be interested to see how this goes.

Anyway, I can't wait to see the Rozen Maiden manga translated. I only have Volume 1.

>> No.1265   [Delete]

Pinochan's RM Repository has volume 2, if you didn't already know.


>> No.1267   [Delete]

Looks like I just may create a new board after all. :3

It's going to take me a day or two before I could make it, so in the mean time suggest a name for it.

>> No.1269   [Delete]

Desuchan Translations, DesuTran, and Desulation are all I can think of at the moment.

>> No.1271   [Delete]



I don't like the sound of that...

>> No.1272   [Delete]

/moonspeak/ - Translation

>> No.1276   [Delete]


>> No.1278   [Delete]

This should probably be sticky

>> No.1279   [Delete]

Not really, since DMS is making a translation board, a sticky may not be needed. Maybe.

>> No.1290   [Delete]

Sounds simple enough. I'll try to set up the new board tomorrow.

>> No.1321   [Delete]

native moonspeaker here. Can I join?
I would like to try to help translation and typing. As you see my English level is not enough, so what I can is checking typings, correcting mistakes and plain translating.

Last edited 07/08/28(Tue)11:46.

>> No.1322   [Delete]

Sure thing. Even if your English isn't the best, you should always try. Giving out a rough idea isn't bad either; other people will surely help you.

>> No.1325   [Delete]

Thanks a lot.

>> No.1339   [Delete]

I has good engrish. I could be an editor. Also a comic book author, so I can take and edit text in order to fit the context of the images and their progression better.

Last edited 07/09/06(Thu)05:54.

>> No.1340   [Delete]

I can interpret you guys' terrible translations into passable english. Just post the moonspeak and your attempt and I'll see what GoogleTrans pukes out.
Note: post alternate translations as entire lines, don't post word1/word2 (usage). Also, I'd like some context (tell me which page it comes from, panel etc)

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