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Anyone got a link to this doujin? Moonspeaks is fine.

Artist's site is here: http://theflyers.hp.infoseek.co.jp/hiko.htm

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A Kashira doujin? DO WANT

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No idea about the OP, but here's an unrelated Kanaria+Miichan doujin.

oh yeah, and I do have a doujin called "Kashira!", but the art style is pretty weird and not very fappable.

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A little bit of research later, seems the price on the site for this mango is 735 yen.

The only auction I can find for it is here.


However, it's a bit overpriced (twice the amount). I'm assuming that it's not going to sell and the seller will put it back up again.

But it seems that it'll cost me only fifteen dollar to get it, as opposed to about seven. (a handy way to calculate the price with shipping it'll take to get you something is to convert one dollar to one hundred yen, as opposed to about 112).

Does Desuchan want? I'd be incredibly obliged if you'd search your usual doujin archives for this doujin as opposed to anyone frivolously spending money on something that was unnecessary (as opposed to a doujin that really ISN'T anywhere on the internets).

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I've searched for it, both a hard copy and a scan. No luck. From the artist's site it looks like some pretty odd stuff, so this anon is definitely interested.

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Right, it was released on August 19th of this year, so it's been a short while yes.

Which sites did you use for looking them up? I'm only familiar with SomeWhiteGuy and that's it. If I could get a list of all the sites then we could make a convenient post with all the sites then I could review them for doujin I find on yahoo auction that the lists don't have.

Ultimately I can get whichever doujin isn't available I'll purchase and scan.

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