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Raid Slash's Crossfire, Conclusion and ClownMaster translated:


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awesome, many thanks!

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These rock. Thankee sai!

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shit, i need a seed

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Really nice.

Much better ending too, I should add.

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I've been seeding this ever since I posted it. Still not getting anything?

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Bump because this is the greatest shit ever made.


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Tracker was choking on its own vomit, but it should be fine again now. If it isn't, complain in the thread linked in >>805.

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It reminds me "blame!". That atmosphere of despair. I haven't experienced this feeling for a very long time.
It was awesome. Many thanks.

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Actually, I figured it out after reading some other Raid Slash material - it's not really despair that is his main theme, it's resignation.

Conclusion especially - It has Suigintou's resignation that she'd never wake again, her and Jun's resignation that they will never see Shinku again, Botan's conviction that she is a failure, Suigintou's resignation that Rozen has abandoned them, and in contrast, Barasuishou's failure to accept that it's all over.

Raid Slash is a great writer. He's even managed to write porn in the same style.

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>He's even managed to write porn in the same style.

lol wut?

But still, this is much better than the retarded ending the animu had. I haven't read the manga ending, but I'm sure it sucks about as much from what I heard.

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do you (or anyone else for that matter) have any more of his stuff to share?

>> No.1327   [Delete]

>>1316, >>1317

No more Rozen stuff, as this is the only he's done (except for a sketch collection book). I've got two Marimite porn books, though. Not sure if it would be acceptable to post that in here, though.

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Wait, what exactly are these?

>> No.1329   [Delete]


An alternate ending for the anime, pretty much.

>> No.1330   [Delete]

An AWESOME alternate ending.

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is it safe to assume this hasn't been scanned yet?

Because I have it. I just need to look into scanning before I can put it up.

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Actually, now that I recall what I looked up yesterday, Raid Slash recently released a new doujin titled "The Junk." According to the cover, the doujin contains Suigintou and Kirakishou.

>> No.1336   [Delete]


The sketch book or the Marimite porn? Either way, I've got scans of both off Share.


The Junk is an athology by lots of different artists. Raid Slash did the cover, at least, don't know what else he might have done. I haven't tried finding it yet.

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Bump for so much epic win.

>> No.1412   [Delete]

Ooooh, I'd be interested in downloading the Marimite stuff along with The Junk if anyone wants to upload it...

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File: Raid Slash - Ange Noir (Marimite).zip -(6883842 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well, here's Ange Noir. I don't have The Junk yet, if someone else does, go ahead and post.

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Many thanks, Anon~

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thanks man i was looking for this for aaaaages

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Awesome. Conclusion made me shed a tear.

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AGE for a working link, torrent, anything!

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Use the two in OP's post.

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The tracker is down at the moment. It will be back, just keep trying.

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File: Raid Slash - C Series (Rozen Maiden doujinshi) [iichan].zip -(46066475 B, 0x0) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Fulfilling /r/

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Thank you Anonymous!
That was...heartwrenchingly epic

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Awesome series. A little depressing, but the ending was fitting.

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