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File: 1192063650672.jpg -(130300 B, 829x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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plz translate

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I seen this one so many time, but i never knew what it was saying under Sarah

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it sucks that there were so few english translations for love hina doujinshi

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So it was posted over in /b/ananas... what is being said here?

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File: 1190060062941.jpg -(331003 B, 1060x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I dont get it.

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I need more.


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...I humbly /r/ the name or full dojin.

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normally I'd tell you to lurk moar, but since you asked so nicely:

name is Setsuhana Ruri Hakobe and download link is at the bottom. You'll need a HentaiPalm account to download it (which is free).

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Many thanks, kind Anon.

Last edited 07/09/28(Fri)23:36.

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For those who do not want to go through the pain-in-the-ass that hentaipalm is:


Last edited 07/10/02(Tue)05:51.

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bampu 4 translation plox

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File: 1189118998981.jpg -(369988 B, 1050x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Translation please.

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File: 1187934471718.jpg -(215693 B, 1050x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I am in dire need of a translation of this. I am quite sure anonymous would agree.

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At the last dialogue, "YOU AREN'T GOINT TO AVOID THAT ARE YOU?" I guess "WE" would be better instead of "YOU", because 1)Souseiseki said "ボクら"(we) not "ボク"(I) at previous dialogue and 2)Rozen Maiden's whole storyline. or any idea?

Last edited 07/08/28(Tue)09:44.

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I really like the Green and Blue text in this one.

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Ehehe. My Japanese may be way under par, but English is definitely my strong point(I love languages, and focus on Germanic and East Asian types, but Germanic comes to me easier because English is my first language)! I have really good spelling/grammar/punctuation for English and German. Also, I have PhotoShop editing skillz.

So, I would like to help in any way I can... this case editing the pages, making them "flow" better, etc. I'd good at deciphering Engrish, so I'd be glad to help. That, and DesuxBoku=<3.

Will post soon... honestly, you can do a text-only translation if I do editing. I check DesuChan daily~

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File: 1188448101025.png -(1479889 B, 1050x1500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here, I changed some words and did a better "healing" to the image(I noticed in Anon's version, he got some white on Suiseiseki's hair accidentally).

About the last speech bubble... I changed that because having "nevertheless" and "however" in the same sentence sounds very, um, heavy or clunky. Having both long transition words sort of drags the sentence down, so to speak.

Oh, and I changed the image to PNG format because as I was zooming in, I found some unsightly JPG artifacts. Ehe.

EDIT: Did two more pages, but I'm about to pass out so... haha. Finishing up and posting tomorrow.

Last edited 07/08/30(Thu)09:11.

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Your moonspeak is not bad, Enjoying is the best way to learn/practice languages and even tools.

your PNG version looks more vivid and clearer than original scan, but so heavy file size.
Can it be de-qualitified a little?

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Necromancy for great justice

>> No.362   [Delete]

Well said, Anonymous. I've been meaning to re-edit and make a final copy of the first couple of pages, but school takes up too much time. Damn junior year, damn it to hell! Because desu x boku is fucking delicious. ;_;

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Teh spam has reached desuchon.

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File: 1192325212781.gif -(32542 B, 718x957) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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What does Hyoukai mean?

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Depends on how it's written. 氷解 is melting/thawing. 氷塊 is a lump/block of ice or an ice floe. 氷海 is icy waters or a frozen sea.

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Well, it's the title of the piece that plays during Suigintou's flaming death scene in epsiode 12. I have no idea how it was originally written, I only have the transliterated spelling.

>> No.379   [Delete]

Crap. I only have the transliterated spelling, too. Off to google a picture of the RM soundtrack back cover!

EDIT: My Google-fu fails. ;_;

Last edited 07/10/14(Sun)08:27.

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File: 1192157533765.jpg -(443740 B, 1060x1536) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Alright, /moonspeak/... translate this for great justice.

>> No.367   [Delete]

I know bits and pieces, ah...

I think the top says something "breast club." The kanji symbols on the side say from top to bottom: small, medium, large, and the last one is probably something like "extra large."

As for what each doll is saying specifically...
Shinku: ...
Kanaria: Micchan's guramaa(sounds like grammar, but that doesn't quite make sense to me)~kashira
Hinaichigo: (I have no idea.)
Barasuishou: Father's (something, don't know the kanji)...?
Suiseiseki: (Probably something like:) Is this ... (whatever kanji that stands for)?
Souseiseki: I'm ashamed... (probably meaning something more like she's sad at herself for being so low in the ranks)
Suigintou: (No clue, damn kanji)

And the rest I don't know. :D

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> Hinaichigo: [basically 'it's tomoe's fault'
> Barasuishou: 'Father's konomi'.

Dunno what the direct english translation would be, but basically she's saying that it's what her father likes.

> Suiseiseki: This is the power of the older sister
> Souseiseki: I'm embarassed
> Nori: Looks like they've gotten bigger again...
>> No.369   [Delete]

驚 = surprising.
無 = nothing, flat(in this case).
並 = average.
控 = moderate, small(in this case)
微 = lesser.
巨 = large, huge.
爆 = explosion, extra large(in this case)
Gin says "I win reasonably".
the title says "chichi kurabe" meaning compare with breasts.

and Kanaria says "glamour", maybe.

>> No.370   [Delete]

Hina Ichigo is saying "Tomoe is also flat."
Barasuishou is saying "Am I Father's taste...?"
Suiseiseki is saying "This is your older sister's strength."
Souseiseki is saying "This is humiliating, but.."
Suigintou is actually saying "But of course."

Nori is saying in the last panel. "Seems like that they have gotten bigger again."

>> No.373   [Delete]


>Hina Ichigo is saying "Tomoe is also flat."

hits self I completely read that part wrong. Hooray for correct people. ><

>> No.375   [Delete]

Sooo... what does the box at the bottom left say?

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File: 1192288752081.png -(26580 B, 300x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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I have a whole series of these, over 100, anyone wana help me translate a few? I will do all the editing.

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File: 1191840947586.png -(12983 B, 132x168) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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Hey /moonspeak/, I was wondering if you could use you superior moonspeak reading skills to explain to me how to load music onto this and etc. just the basics are fine.

Moonspeak site : http://navy.nm.land.to/ukgk/flele/

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File: 1191449630010.jpg -(126301 B, 800x800) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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What does this shit say?

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Suiseiseki(?) is trying to exchange candy for two children for dinner.
candy is not poisoned and it is Jissouseki's favorite.

>> No.350   [Delete]

Why is she confuzzled?

>> No.351   [Delete]


Jissou is asking for her 'precious children' back, and Desu is saying 'but you have one right there behind you', basically.

>> No.352   [Delete]

and here I thought they ate there young

>> No.353   [Delete]

I really like this series of fan art honestly

Jissou-adult(as I think she is because, well, she has dog ears like all other jissous... desu doesn't) is cute... i'd do her cute. The only thing I'd want is to actually understand the moonspeak, so as to in turn understand exactly what the situation is

in b4 involuntary shit sex

>> No.354   [Delete]


Or that's normal Desu ingeniously cosplaying as a Jissouite to get into their compound and spread biological and chemical agents through their food supply while at the same time taking prisoners to execute later.

Fucking Jissouites.

>> No.355   [Delete]

I liek wher this thred is goin

>> No.356   [Delete]


In b4 new jissou board with guro allowed

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File: 1191862154327.jpg -(499069 B, 900x1950) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

How about a translation for this one please? Forgive me if this still counts as Guro: I'm hoping it's in keeping with the spirit of the rule, since no blood or violence is shown in spite of the Cannibalism theme.

Last edited 07/10/08(Mon)20:35.

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File: 1188581775336.jpg -(336318 B, 697x1537) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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This looks kind of creepy.
Can someone please translate this?

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File: 1190929870011.jpg -(340265 B, 697x1537) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Latin version

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File: 1191124266822.jpg -(155013 B, 697x1537) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Versión español, but please keep in mind it's been over a year since I have been in a Spanish class.

>> No.334   [Delete]

I left this thread for about a month and this is what happens?

>> No.335   [Delete]

maybe it's time to translate 2nd page?

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File: 1191269120720.jpg -(342771 B, 697x1537) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Slight Mexi-Fix here.

>Eso es extraño, es el no aqui?

Que extraño, ¿habra salido?

>Me pregunto que estar so oscuro.

Me pregunto... ¿por que esta tan oscuro?

>Un muñeco

Una muñeca. (Explination: It's female so it's Una muñeca while Un muñeco can regard a doll, no specific sex, or a "male" doll.)

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
>> No.337   [Delete]

he loleado!!!

>> No.340   [Delete]

Yeah, I knew it was messed up horribly... I never liked Spanish anyway. ;_;

>> No.341   [Delete]

Believe me I don't really like Spanish, not like I was given a chance anyway, it can have horrendous corruptions and the grammatical laws are hell.

>> No.343   [Delete]

page 2

Who the hell are you?
I'm Shinku, master of Jun.
I came here to avenge Jun, he's suffering from your irrelevant behavior.
Due to my behavior? Is Sakurada suffering?
What on earth have I done?
Even today, I came for his sake!

Comment too long. Click here to view the full text.
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File: 1191602245154.jpg -(205677 B, 900x1104) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

rus edit ;)

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