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It's a K1 genderbender, so I know it's gotta be good! Translation, please!

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panel 1: Hi there
I'm the new transfer student, Maebara Keiko
Life in Hinamizawa is for the most part pretty fun but
there are quite a few things I wish I could get a break from

Panel 2:
Rika-chan confronts me strangely
Rika: You're really a boy, right? Keiichi is a transvestite, right?
Answer me honestly
Keiko: T... transvestite? No-

Panel 3:
Sometimes Rena's eyes are scary
Rena: Should I take him home I wonder? I wonder?
Keiko: Hmm?

Panel 4:
And the punishment games are far too intense...
Keiko: Nyaa~...

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Thank you so much! Now to see how well my editing skills are.

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