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Bunch of new boards by Dark Master Schmidt - 23/10/07 @ 1:00AM KWT

New boards added:

/a/ - Anime/Manga
/fi/ - Figurines
/h/ - Hentai
/v/ - Video Games

New menu by Dark Master Schmidt - 9/10/07 @ 12:20AM KWT

Replaced the menu as to a mod's suggestion. If you HAET this, go complain in /sugg/.

HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL by Dark Master Schmidt - 26/9/07 @ 9:05PM KWT

Have fun with this:

/tr/ - Traps

In other news, the banners were finally updated, so have fun with those, too.

New boards by Dark Master Schmidt - 20/8/07 @ 11:59PM KWT

Added the following boards:

/moonspeak/ - Translation
/peach/ - Peach-Pit

Possible Downtime by (K.) Anonymous - 11/8/07 @ 8:06PM EDT

Over the next hour or so, moments may occur during which you are unable to post. Please be patient: We are upgrading boards.

UPDATE: Most of the boards have been upgraded. The rest will be upgraded tomorrow. All of the public boards should now be upgraded. The only real issue at present is that refreshing after replies is not working; just refresh the page to see the latest changes on the board. Reply refreshing should be resolved now.

If you HAET this or are having issues, please complain in the appropriate thread at /sugg/. Bear in mind that this will likely be reverted in the future if it is unpopular.

Official Desuchan scanlation group? by Dark Master Schmidt - 31/7/07 @ 1:23PM KWT

Doesn't seem like a bad idea, but we're going to need some dedicated people to get anywhere. If this actually goes somewhere, I'll create a board dedicated to support the group.

People we're going to need:

Translators. Pretty much the most important job.
Editors, since text only translations are painful.
Scanners, assuming there's no alternative to acquiring a digital copy of a certain manga/doujin.

Discuss. </copypasta>

Updates, updates by Dark Master Schmidt - 18/7/07 @ 3:00PM KWT

The following boards were added:

/r/ Request
/rp/ Role-Play & Fiction

New rules by Dark Master Schmidt - 19/6/07 @ 12:21AM KWT

The rules were updated.

This page was starting to get crowded, so I added a news archive page.

I loev updates by Dark Master Schmidt - 13/6/07 @ 11:23AM KWT

First things first, moderator sign ups are open. If you're interested in becoming a mod, see the thread at /sugg/.

In other news, /gif/ now serves as a general animation board. Support for avi, mp3, and ogg included; max upload size increased to 100 MB.

/md/ size limit has been increased to 50 MB.

The following boards have been added.

/bananas/ - Kirakishou
/kashira/ - Kanada
/loli/ - Lolicon
/otousama/ - Barasuishou

New stuff by Dark Master Schmidt - 2/6/07 @ 1:39PM KWT

The following boards have been added:

/dawa/ - Shinku
/unyuu/ - Nano
/sugg/ - Suggestions & Help

Also, /junk/ has been renamed to /yakult/ since I think it's a superior name.

Another suggestions thread by Dark Master Schmidt - 10/5/07 @ 6:47AM KWT

Boredom caused me to make another one, since the old one is dead along with the old Desuchan.

New board by Dark Master Schmidt - 18/3/07 @ 6:08AM KWT

We now have /do/ for all doll-related topics.

ZIP and RAR for /md/ by Dark Master Schmidt - 1/3/07 @ 8:42AM KWT

To make your lives easier, it's now possible upload doujins using .zip and .rar archives. Just note that using them to upload anything other than manga or image files will get you permanently banned from all boards.

Desuchan is back up by Dark Master Schmidt - 1/3/07 @ 4:29AM KWT

After much work, I have sucessfully switched over to Wakaba. Now, our posts were lost, so go into the new boards to remedy that. :) Some boards are still down, but I'll get them back up ASAP.

Also, I'd like to thank you all for your patience. OTL