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The return of the Desuchan Suggestions Thread!

ITT, we suggest new ideas/boards/etc for Desuchan and discuss them.


>> No.142718   [Delete]

Anyone have the /dawa/ board copypasta? It must be spammed here, really.

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File: 1178776616984.jpg -(24914 B, 401x620) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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File: 1178776718456.jpg -(21283 B, 200x234) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

How about /blood/?

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File: 1178776788910.png -(609199 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Or maybe /bob/?

>> No.142950   [Delete]
File: 1178776866886.jpg -(118048 B, 400x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

/Threep/, maybe?

>> No.142952   [Delete]
File: 1178776913577.jpg -(20057 B, 399x299) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

How about /Arc/?

>> No.142953   [Delete]
File: 1178776914707.gif -(151948 B, 340x171) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

/maids/ definitly. Or maybe /Kohaku/ and /Hisui/. Seperate boards would be better.

>> No.142954   [Delete]
File: 1178776948224.jpg -(20290 B, 477x246) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

/Imp/! The Emperor demands it!

>> No.142961   [Delete]
File: 1178777018555.gif -(5608 B, 357x342) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

/Cthulu/, I hear he's running for president in 2008. We should get in on whatever his party is before the reaping of souls and such takes place.

>> No.142963   [Delete]
File: 1178777096703.jpg -(242087 B, 997x749) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Longcat is far too long to be confined to /ot/!

>> No.142969   [Delete]
File: 1178777218222.jpg -(31365 B, 500x416) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1178777253513.jpg -(3173 B, 126x110) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1178777351735.jpg -(28304 B, 425x282) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

What about /bunny/?

>> No.142979   [Delete]
File: 1178777422471.png -(207510 B, 320x240) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.142981   [Delete]
File: 1178777462310.jpg -(188687 B, 500x550) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

/Menchi/ would be good. Everybody loves Menchi.

>> No.142988   [Delete]
File: 1178777700511.jpg -(55433 B, 459x305) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

/40/ might be a good idea.

>> No.142993   [Delete]
File: 1178777782641.jpg -(125548 B, 500x403) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

/Ctarl/! Superior beings deserve a superior board!

>> No.142997   [Delete]
File: 1178777844297.jpg -(149115 B, 800x947) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Gene approves of /Ctarl/, FYI.

>> No.143000   [Delete]
File: 1178777900127.jpg -(37782 B, 640x360) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

/lion/ might be good.
But only if we have a /car/ as well.

>> No.143003   [Delete]
File: 1178777968378.jpg -(22753 B, 512x384) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

/tylor/, definitly. No board is complete without its captain!

>> No.143033   [Delete]
File: 1178778975138.gif -(18712 B, 175x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

How about /fuckyouimrich/?

>> No.143094   [Delete]

how about renaming /ot/ into /b/?

and of course a /dawa/ board is fine too.

>> No.143121   [Delete]


>> No.143151   [Delete]


it could be filled with loli

>> No.143156   [Delete]


Stop spamming stupid shit, you faggot.

>> No.143159   [Delete]

I like how you didn't object to /Arc/ You're a good man in my book.

>> No.143165   [Delete]

this actually has potential

>> No.143232   [Delete]

I would actually enjoy a /dawa/ myself. and yes, I agree. /ot/ should be renamed /b/. the only problem is that I don't make boards, I only ban,delete etc. Schmidt might make one if ya ask kindly though ^_^

>> No.143257   [Delete]

I laughed and agree.

>> No.143261   [Delete]
File: 1178805072533.gif -(98727 B, 425x385) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Agree with Kun-Kun.
I want a /dawa/ board.

Don't know if it's wise renaming /ot/ into /b/ though, even though /b/ is called Random on other chans, our /ot/ isn't really the same.

>> No.143262   [Delete]


>> No.143268   [Delete]

The admin has already said he wont be making any more off topic boards.

>> No.143299   [Delete]


His PC lagged when clicking it.

>> No.143315   [Delete]
File: 1178818274407.jpg -(77061 B, 638x563) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Noo don't fall to /b/ level!

>> No.143413   [Delete]

/y/ /yuri/


>> No.143414   [Delete]

Change /ot/ to /b/.


>> No.143582   [Delete]
File: 1178841352195.jpg -(35762 B, 350x450) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Needs moar /dawa/

>> No.143650   [Delete]

actually to tell the truth, the only reason I wanted to rename it /b/ was to attract moar posters. then I realized that would be quite an arrogant, self-advertising, man whorish thing to do. Either way, as long as Desuchan still lives, I'll gladly stay as part of the ModForce, no matter what happens

>> No.143724   [Delete]
File: 1178850555364.jpg -(22263 B, 240x320) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

hahahaha /ot/ turning into /b/ will be great XD also, an /a/ board is fine too. as well as /dawa/ and /cat/ boards ~dawa

>> No.143732   [Delete]
File: 1178850881545.jpg -(203285 B, 1000x960) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I'm also in support of a /dawa/ board. Shinku needs her own board!

>> No.144351   [Delete]

Well, if something is going to get added, I support /dawa/, because many have been asking for it.

>> No.144377   [Delete]

Why not make a nano etc board while you are at it?

>> No.144743   [Delete]

Might as well make a /kashira/ board while you're at it. Then again, how viable will these boards end up being?

Oh, and the last thing Desuchan needs is more /btards raiding the other boards. Just my two cents.

>> No.144966   [Delete]

and also, a /u/ - yuri board is fine too...

>> No.145208   [Delete]

plz to have /dawa/ and /ot/ change to /b/

>> No.145236   [Delete]

I think we have too many character specific boards as is. Any more will pretty much kill /ro/ and the new boards wouldn't be as active.

/ot/ and /b/ aren't the same thing. Unless everybody wants guro and furries, /ot/ shouldn't be renamed.

>> No.145264   [Delete]
File: 1178948494503.jpg -(79718 B, 500x707) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.145503   [Delete]
File: 1178960488530.png -(286031 B, 546x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Can it be /dawa/ tiem now plees?

>> No.145524   [Delete]
File: 1178971449855.jpg -(15992 B, 180x257) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Yare yare dawa........

>> No.145525   [Delete]
File: 1178972658691.jpg -(191140 B, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


shinku needs a new board...

THIS IS /dawaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa/ XD

>> No.145532   [Delete]

Schmidt, your posters have spoken. I guess we want a /dawa/?

>> No.146226   [Delete]

can we do something about all the random non-rozen maiden pictures everywhere?
i guess they make sense in /ot/, but i keep seeing image macros everywhere, makes me feel like i'm at macrochan or something

>> No.146240   [Delete]

also... an /a/ board is fine too. and change /ot/ into /b/ XD

>> No.146845   [Delete]
File: 1179070436999.jpg -(72769 B, 800x692) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

How about acquiring the mercury stylesheet from http://www.secchan.net/niche/ if possible? Desuchan certainly needs some more junk.

>> No.146985   [Delete]

How 'bout /b/?

>> No.149387   [Delete]

what about /nano/?

>> No.149846   [Delete]

lol /a/ and /r/ and /t/ plx

or even better a /z/, since moot is a wuss and decided to remove /z/

>> No.150042   [Delete]

an /a/ is fine too

>> No.150280   [Delete]

an /a/ is indeed fine too.

>> No.150405   [Delete]

We don't really need an /a/ or a /b/ sine /ot/ kind of doubles as both.

>> No.150547   [Delete]

I'VE GOT A NIFTY IDEA: How about we actually start deleting old, dead threads? You know, like the ones all the way on page 14?

>> No.150548   [Delete]

Oh, no, not even that, there's 16 now.

>> No.150724   [Delete]

If you want an /a/, you should go to 4chan for that. If Desuchan ever did get an /a/, it'd be dead and not nearly as active as the 4chan one.

I'm still supporting /dawa/. Seems like quite a few people agree.

Why bother? It's not like any of those threads are slowing the site down or anything.

>> No.150832   [Delete]


I'd agree with him. Though it's not so much slowing things down it's more I'd like some of my old pictures back by now. lol

>> No.152172   [Delete]

/z/ - Zietgeist

>> No.153620   [Delete]


>> No.153729   [Delete]

Here's some serious suggestions.

/dawa/ or /nasai/ for Shinku.
/kashira/ for Kanaria.
/nano/ or /unyuu/ for Hina Ichigo.
and possibly something for Bara/Kira, but do they even HAVE meme nicknames?

>> No.153756   [Delete]

>>142718, et. al.

A /dawa/ is fine too. I'm impressed with Shinku's increased popularity around here.


IMHO, /ro/ is best suited for general Rozen Maiden discussion and picture sharing of groups, couples, and human cast members. Dedicating boards like this is part of what separates us from the single large board at Rozen Uploader. New dedicated boards can can always be taken down if they start to die off, and the characters can go back to receiving their props from /ro/.

>>143724, et. al.

Anything already done by the other channels will likely not reach fruition here, and with good reason. /ot/ is enough. Also, I am against renaming it to /b/ because /b/ is already everywhere. What more have we to offer? Also, /ot/ is generally different in users' attitudes, the scope of the board, and in restrictions (no furry, no trolls, etc.). Calling it /b/ would attract neophytes who would make blind assumptions, and the name change would likely amount to unwelcome popularity. An on-topic /r/equest board sounds nice, but I simply don't see much use of it; I think on-topic requests in other boards would be at least tolerable. The same would apply to a /t/ board.


A custom CSS are worth considering, and I loev that stylesheet having just found out about it. ♥



These are just my opinions. Please feel free to disect them.

>> No.153830   [Delete]

Give dramafags their own board. I don't really care what it's called, ask them. but separate /ot/ and dramafags.

>> No.154017   [Delete]
File: 1179377856921.jpg -(8464 B, 150x214) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.154304   [Delete]
File: 1179383158111.jpg -(1974504 B, 1315x1595) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



>> No.154819   [Delete]

/r/ BatteryAcidMan be b& from every board except /ot/ for only posting off-topic nonsense.

>> No.154882   [Delete]

I have nothing against the drama, but a separate RP board could be good. I mean, as of now all other OT content gets overshadowed by the drama threads. But of if the RP people don't like the idea then I am not going to push for it.

>> No.155152   [Delete]

chews an appleseed and tries to think of a good suggestion

>> No.155542   [Delete]

Although it is impossible to tell because of anonymity, I'd be willing to bet that a majority of the /ot/ board is actually populated with the RPers, anyways. And the simple fact is that it's always just one, sometimes two threads. I realize they're at the top of the page of the time, but still, it doesn't hurt anyone. I think that the RP threads should stay what they are, and that is off-topic. Making a /Drama/ board would be a waste of resources, and would distract from what Desuchan is. Leave Drama on /ot/.

>> No.155607   [Delete]

Not me.

I'm just here for the RM porn.

>> No.155666   [Delete]


>> No.155794   [Delete]
File: 1179446110386.jpg -(58231 B, 450x392) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


leave him alone. he posts more according to the topic than you think. get your sages right.

>> No.156464   [Delete]


Agreed for the same reasons.

>> No.156977   [Delete]

is that you Schmidt?

anyway, about the rename /ot/ into /b/ thing, I have to disagree with what you said. As if Desuchan will be even more infected by Gaia/Subetafags once the name change will be applied. As in, the name change makes no difference at all. whether it is /ot/ or /b/, there is one similarity in those boards: they're both random, which is the basic concept about /b/ when moot first made that epic board on 4chan. i doubt that the rename will cause more trouble, but rather I dont think the change will have any effect at all...

my opinion though... hope you wont mind.. ^_^;;

>> No.157545   [Delete]

I've heard both sides of the argument before. Some people complain that a *chan without a /b/ isn't a *chan, but not being a real *chan and having a /b/ could prompt some people to raid it. I personally say we don't rename /ot/ to /b/ because /b/ and /ot/ are two different things and should be kept that way.

A /dawa/ board would be good seeing how her popularity is rising, but no matter what we get added, we need something else. Stronger and faster action by the mods might be a little nice. I personally have nothing against guro, but when it isn't pulled down in a timely manner, it shows the mods aren't doing their job as well as they could. No offense to the mods, I'm sure you guys have a valid excuse, but the rules are meant to be followed and you should receive punishment promptly for breaking them.

>> No.157552   [Delete]

Maybe the mods are concentrated on few timezones? If mods are in america, and someone in europe posts guro I'm not suprised if it goes unnoticed for a long while.

>> No.157583   [Delete]

But the first post on /junk/ was on 07/05/12 (1790) and the second was on 07/05/12 (1797) and both images were up until sometime yesterday. I respect the mods, but 4-5 days is a little long for action. Four to five hours is just fine because the mods might all be in timezones close to each other.

>> No.157720   [Delete]


Then next time send an email to the E-mail address shown whenever you see a rule-breaking post from now on. (Remove the "NO SPAM" dispersed in it.) I'm a bit worried that none of the other mods were around to take care of this faggotry; it was, indeed, late when I saw it.

I'll be sure this sort of thing does not slip under my radar again.

>> No.158999   [Delete]

Hay guys. To avoid confusion, I have now decided to become a tripfag. :(

First things first, /ot/ will remain /ot/. This won't change.

I ♥ Arc. :) It was a different user anyway.

When I first made Desuchan, I planned to make my own stylesheet, but I'm not very creative when it comes to web design. ;_;

What's the point? They're not effecting the boards in a negative manner. Besides, I intentionally made all threads ageless to preserve large image threads. Now us lazy folks can go save the loli threads whenever we feel like it. lulz

You make an interesting point. Does anyone think maybe I should try giving each character a board while still keeping /ro/ around?

We are low on mods. I don't even think all of our mods still active since I haven't seen them in a while. The only ones I'm sure that are still around are K. Anonymous, Weedy, Kun-Kun and myself. Stuff happen I guess. Like Rozen being a fag that keeps forgetting his password, etc. And there's the issue of timezones... I think I'm going to need some new mods. I'll make some sort of moderator sign up sometime later or something.

Anyway, one certain thing that came from this thread is a /dawa/ board. So stop requesting it, you guys made your point.

Another thing I've been meaning to do is implement new features to the board script (stickies, report system, better banning system/etc), but I need someone good at Perl to do that. Unless someone is willing to volunteer, that's gonna have to wait.

>> No.161526   [Delete]

You're welcome for the loli. And if you need a new mod, I've got plenty of time on my hands, and I'm more than willing to spend it here.

>> No.161802   [Delete]

There's already enough as there are and I don't think "I like loli" qualifies you for the position.

>> No.161803   [Delete]

hey its me, a- Kun-Kun!

I'm in America so things might go over my head sometimes. My apologies for the guro etc. I'm on AIM a lot. feel free to send me an instant message. SN = senorkranswick. Also, hi Schmidt.

>> No.163333   [Delete]

Hai Kun-kun. Get on earlier so I can bug you more often.

>> No.163340   [Delete]

I have an assload of free time, a desire to see this site improve, and lots of ideas on how to get it done. Don't shrug me off so easily.

>> No.163940   [Delete]
File: 1179737901363.jpg -(68541 B, 604x453) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.164305   [Delete]

I'm not accepting new mods yet; I'll make a seperate thread about that later. Meanwhile, you can tell us all about your ideas.

>> No.164650   [Delete]


>You make an interesting point. Does anyone think maybe I should try giving each character a board while still keeping /ro/ around?

one for each doll, maybe. but the other characters should be on /ro/ or for the mediums, their doll's board.

>> No.165709   [Delete]

For now, I'm just foing some promoting on the side. How to improve the site? That's for the public to vote, and the admin/mods to decide. But I do agree, a board for each doll would be nice.

>> No.166338   [Delete]


>> No.172652   [Delete]
  1. Make /desu/, /boku/, /junk/, /ro/ SFW and delete OTs.
  2. Create /h/.
  3. Separate /md/ for /manga/ & /doujinshi/.
>> No.172653   [Delete]

needs more /dawa/

>> No.172654   [Delete]


/ot/ probably gets 95% or more of this site's activity. Why would you want to get rid of it?

>> No.172656   [Delete]

I think he meant delete OT threads on the other boards, not delete /ot/

>> No.172658   [Delete]

Still, duplicate images are a bitch to sort out. :/

>> No.172661   [Delete]


Oh. That makes sense. <_<;;

>> No.174560   [Delete]

hmmm... a text board for suggestions perhaps?

>> No.177953   [Delete]

How about an invasion board?

>> No.178040   [Delete]


I think this is contrary to our rules.

> 4) Any form of board/site invasion will get you banned.
>> No.178185   [Delete]

And to add on, two other major *chans already have them. One of them would probably get mad at us for having our own /i/. Although rule 4 takes a higher priority.

>> No.179040   [Delete]


>> No.185162   [Delete]

lol... loli is good lol. at least this is something that 4chan doesnt. /r/ /loli/ board lol. not4chan is dead and we seriously need moar loli. in b4 pedophiles and pedobear.

>> No.185264   [Delete]
File: 1180633893632.jpg -(8377 B, 200x324) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.185461   [Delete]
File: 1180642797132.jpg -(74102 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
>> No.186216   [Delete]

We need moar members.. or we need to get more people into RM. Viral Marketing lolololol

>> No.186218   [Delete]
File: 1180661365677.jpg -(53319 B, 467x344) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.188911   [Delete]


Tempting... >_>

Anyway, there's gonig to be an update today. Hope you guys like it.

>> No.189048   [Delete]

Okay. Everybody should now abandon this thread and move to /sugg/.

>> No.197299   [Delete]

I vote that all mods are called Rozens or something..There was a term but I forgot it..Oh well.

>> No.206561   [Delete]

Fuck you

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