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So it looks like we have a bunch of secret boards on Desuchan. Can you find them? ♪

>> No.1767   [Delete]

lol what?

>> No.1793   [Delete]

What is this /9001 ?

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>> No.5153   [Delete]

Chocotto Sister.

>> No.274414   [Delete]

Necropost is for necrophiliacs

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>> No.274423   [Delete]

Really, how many are there? I've only seen three thus far.

>> No.274424   [Delete]

I know of 5, don't know if there are more.

Last edited 07/11/18(Sun)00:29.

>> No.274428   [Delete]

Oh shi- Now I must know those other two. Crap, why am I so bad at figuring things like this out... ;_;

>> No.274438   [Delete]

I know of two...

>> No.274444   [Delete]

Slowpoke train? Everyone who's been here for at least a few months knows of the main 3.

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File: 1195344900700.jpg -(18393 B, 300x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

I've been here over 4 months and only know of one

>> No.274452   [Delete]

I've been here since we were on Trevorchan and had only two boards

And I don't know of any

>> No.274464   [Delete]

I guarantee some idiot is going to post all the secret boards here.

>> No.274465   [Delete]

/9001/ is the only one I visit.

>> No.274468   [Delete]

/chiitohs/ - Chobits is superior.

>> No.274474   [Delete]

Jeeze, where the hell have you been?

>> No.274495   [Delete]


/yakult/ :D

(Not same person, but same situation)

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File: 1195379039404.jpg -(169168 B, 1024x792) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

..../junk/ hehehe!

>> No.274499   [Delete]

Holy shit, what the fuck? I was here when the Gin board was named /junk/, but I never would've checked to see if it was still there.

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File: 1195411420083.jpg -(419845 B, 985x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

.../404/ board secret is ssseeeecrrreeetttt

>> No.274517   [Delete]

Wow I feel like a huge idiot now.

>> No.274520   [Delete]

/LOL/ board is /LOL/

>> No.274533   [Delete]

misleading post is misleading.

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File: 1195448723988.jpg -(70272 B, 300x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1195449991264.jpg -(98863 B, 700x403) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.274576   [Delete]

secret boards should remain secret

but by the way
how did people find about them in the first place?

>> No.274579   [Delete]


That's a secret!

>> No.274817   [Delete]

So what are the main 3? /9001/, /higurashi/, and /junk/?

>> No.274818   [Delete]


Junk is not secret, just old. Like /toho/. /higurashi/ doesn't exist. Get your facts straight.

>> No.274820   [Delete]

Does /temp/ count?

>> No.274822   [Delete]

No shit /higurashi/ doesn't exist. I was referring to the secret Higurashi board without revealing its name.

>> No.274866   [Delete]

clue: ~nipaaaaaaaaaaaaa

>> No.274871   [Delete]
File: 1196069752963.jpg -(28451 B, 500x281) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.274872   [Delete]

OMG ! There is a secret Higurashi board here ? I must find it !!!

Last edited 07/11/26(Mon)15:56.

>> No.274875   [Delete]

So I basically found 4 of them...are there moar?

>> No.274876   [Delete]

Four? Do tell....

>> No.274878   [Delete]

Unless I missed any:
1) Old alice board (whether this qualifies as "secret" is debatable, although if it can't be accessed via nav menus I'd say it does).
3) Obnoxious /b/ meme
4) Temp board

Last edited 07/11/27(Tue)02:35.

>> No.274879   [Delete]


>3) Obnoxious /b/ meme

Way to be specific there.

>> No.274882   [Delete]

Missing some, aren't we?

>> No.274890   [Delete]


>> No.274907   [Delete]


>> No.274912   [Delete]

I deleted it for secrecy's sake. And you're still missing some.

>> No.274913   [Delete]


>> No.274918   [Delete]

I only know of one, and I'm a long time lurker ;_;

>> No.274923   [Delete]

How many are there?

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