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Goddammint enju

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Ganzen Maidorf?

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shit! her body cant contain the triforce of courage!

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bara, you must stop the rozen maidens from becoming alice! you must bring enju glory!

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You must defeat the Seven Rozen Maidens and gather their Rosa Mystica, or the world will be destroyed!

There is no time! Your sword is enough!

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bara, she come to town, come to KILL! the rozen maiden, rozens making alice, so enju has no chance, but he will when bara kills them all
now bara, fill up your Rosa Mystica
so you can SHOOT! you sword with power
and when you hurt and your down
enju will come around
so you be brave and not a sissy madien
now bara she killed them all
put them all in thire boxes
now enjus the greatest, and alice youll be
bara, i think you go down into history!

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I just wonder what Rozen's up to.

>> No.1087   [Delete]

That's the only system of a down song I like.
rapidshare it?

>> No.1088   [Delete]

Spoilers: It's not System of a Down. I think it's Rabbit Joint.

>> No.1089   [Delete]

Balls it's not. I've heard it, it's definitely them.

>> No.1090   [Delete]


The singer of Rabbit Joint is the same motherfucker in SoaD.

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Serj Tankian?

>> No.1092   [Delete]

Josh Spaulding is not Serj Tankian. They just sound alike.

>> No.1093   [Delete]

... was not expecting that.

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holy shit

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