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Promo for the Shugo Chara anime is out!!!!

>> No.165   [Delete]

You mean this short thing, or is there a better, longer one?


>> No.167   [Delete]

The actual full half hour one.

>> No.168   [Delete]

Really? Sweet shit!

>> No.172   [Delete]

Link pl0x. I've only seen a 4-minute preview.

>> No.190   [Delete]

So what did /peach/ think of episode 1?

I thought it was excellent and can't wait to watch the rest.

>> No.192   [Delete]

Ep 2 out. It is nicely done.

>> No.193   [Delete]

Plus i notice something on preview of ep 3. The 3rd chara looks like gonna be a new gen of our goddess desu...might.

>> No.197   [Delete]

I see lolis in legwarmers. But I also see a catman. DON'T KNOW IF WANT!

>> No.213   [Delete]

suddenly, 4chan /a/ went apeshit about Shugo Chara.

Good job, Peach-Pit.

>> No.214   [Delete]


aw fuck

>> No.216   [Delete]

I really don't get what's so good about this. It's pretty fail so far. I just started episode 3 and....oh gaddamn it ~Desu.

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File: 1194217396901.jpg -(79280 B, 960x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

This is whats so good about Shugo Chara. Trap-Kun is amazing.

>> No.218   [Delete]

It's got ALOT of Jojo elements in it.

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