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Hey, Zombie-Loan volume 1 is out in english from some publisher I've never heard of. I didn't even know it was licensed.

Haven't read it yet but the art looks nice.

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Noticed it over here (Michigan, US) too. Published under Yen Press, which I've heard of. From glancing at it, they seem to be very adamant at translating sound effects and other subtle things (ie. the writing on food packages, etc), which I like. I'll have to pick it up and review.

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Do you mean translate sound effects as in replace them(like Dark Horse's Blade of the Immortal) or translate sound effects as in having an index in the back for it(like Viz's Di Gi Charat)?

Last edited 07/10/14(Sun)01:51.

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haven't read those two, but from what you describe Di Gi Charat as, I can say that it would probably be more like Blade of the Immortal. I would review it, but I shouldn't since it seems the only thing I can review is music.

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They dont replace them, they have side-notes on the same page (in like the little in-between shot sections) explaining what the sounds are, as well as what the packages (etc) say.

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Ah, okay. Because replacing them in the picture has always sort of annoyed me.

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Hrm... I'll have to hunt this one down.

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