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Just putting it out there guys, and feel free to disprove me with any facts you may have, but does anyone else think that Peach-Pit is maybe just a major pain in the ass to deal with? How else do you explain the "9th most popular anime" not getting a third season, and the manga sorta just getting an "OMGBYE" kind of end?

Again, just a theory, please prove it wrong so I can go back to optimisticaly praying for a third season.

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Blame the publishers

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I waited for you, Rozen Maiden season three

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Insufficient information. Since most of the stuff pertaining to later RM manga installments is still untranslated, I can't determine who's more at fault for things turning out the way they have.

But it would make me regret starting collecting things RM if the story (both manga and anime) ends the way they have to date.

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"How do you explain the "9th most popular anime" not getting a third season"??
For john sakes, HOW?

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Nobody says every story needs an HAPPYend. An SADend is fine,too. (and its fresh air between all the "EVERYTHING IS AWWWWWRIGHT" storys)

BUT: Not completing the anime up to the manga is bullshit! Wheres the sense in making only half the work?

Last edited 07/08/26(Sun)23:10.

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The manga's ending isn't a tragic end, it's not an ending at all. Nothing gets resolved in any way. Bunnyface McPlotdevice just pops out of nowhere in the middle of action and says it's over, BAM, to be continued. It doesn't make any sense as a story.

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The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi was hideously popular, and so far as I'm aware, there's only rumors of a second season.

Neon Genesis Evangelion never got a sequel, and that's, like, the most popular anime EVER.

Japan just doesn't do seasonal sequels the way we do in America.

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Yeah, but they don't do OMG BAI endings like we do either.

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>>52 http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2007-07-05/second-haruhi-season-to-be-announced

Not a rumor.

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Some moar NGE movies are coming out soon.

Old Article: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/article.php?id=9464

Also, it's hard to sequel with OMG APOCALYPSE


Last edited 07/09/02(Sun)00:44.

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Still...thanks for trying, Anon.

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Now Peach-Pit is going to "make it up to the fans" by creating a new series that's extremely derivative and extremely shitty. Thanks, you stupid fucking cunts! I think some tiny fairies must have bored into their brains and implanted the idea of Rozen Maiden in there, because they seem too damned incompetent to come up with a good idea on their own.

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Yes, but will it have doll-joints and DESU?

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Since it has a good chance of being derivative and shitty, I'm guessing no. Unless they decide to rip themselves off, maybe.

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No, somehow using some magical magic (the magic-ist magic there is) they will turn into real people and Sui will go to school to be taught proper speech. This are fact, I know 'cas of my learning

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ya..im gonna need moar info than that.

also, Lol, 69 amirite?

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Seems the animeonline.com link is dead. Here's an alternate link, which has a complete translation:

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That doesn't say anything about a derivative and shitty new series, it just says they will "return the passion of the fans in the future, somehow."

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I'm sure there'll be more marketing crap to milk more money from the two seasons they did.

At least they learned something from Hollywood.

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Haruhi was a Japanimation attempt at Monty Python, and I hated it for what it did to many different series. I felt shame by watching it.

So, can we name every single fucking series these guys made, anyways?

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It WAS originally a manga, you know. Not all manga-to-anime conversions go as well as RM.
Wait, what?

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Rozen Maiden
Shugo Chara!
Mizutama (compiled in "Momo No Tane - Peach-Pit Early Collection")
Prism Palette (compiled in "Momo No Tane - Peach-Pit Early Collection")

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They also did a chapter or two of Digi Charat, I've heard.

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They did! I can state for a fact they're in volume 2 of Viz's Di Gi Charat manga release. "What's Wrong With This Picture?" page 11, and "Usada Collapses!?" page 17(I just took it off my shelf to look). When I first read the book, I had never heard of PEACH-PIT before; ironically, those two were my favourite chapters of the whole book...

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take pics and post, now

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I can scan it in tomorrow pending I finish all my homework early enough...or at least sometime this week. Actually, I should be doing my Pre-Calculus as I'm typing this, but I loev Desuchan too much.

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meh, pre-calc's easy. I'm procrastinating numerical analysis homework right now. That shit's hard, let me tell you.

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File: 1190178528716.jpg -(402604 B, 762x1085) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Well, I'm more of a liberal arts type of person; mathematics is my sore spot. Actually, I plan to major in Germanic languages in university.

Anyway, I scanned the cover/table of contents, plus the first story... I didn't resize any of them except the cover, because the text looked kind of weird scaled. I think for the next one I'll scan it at 72 DPI... anyhow, I hope you're happy.

Last edited 07/09/19(Wed)08:10.

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File: 1190179014031.png -(41498 B, 1472x2170) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

The rest shall come tomorrow, and earlier perhaps!

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Where's the moar?

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Sitting on top of my scanner as I waste time on the Interbutts when I should be doing homework. Yeah, I need to get my shit together... maybe tomorrow~ Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you're always a day away~♪

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I hear that. It's 12:24 AM and I have yet to do my homework for tomorrow. I originally planned to do it at 10:00, but then I remembered Desuchan....

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File: 1191030236915.png -(444862 B, 739x1086) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here's the rest...sorry the scan quality isn't as good as last time, but I would've had to restart my computer to get the good scanner driver going... can't manually start it, which sucks. Anyway...

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Last one.

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Di Gi Charat by Peach-Pit? Woo! Whatever next, Gundam by CLAMP?

oh, wait...!

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You rang? ~desu

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