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Was Chobits made by peach-pit? I think it might have been but I'm not sure, I do know that the anime was made or produced or aired on "T.B.S" like rozen maiden did, and the show reminds me of rozen maiden. i recommend it.

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Chobits is by CLAMP.

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Okay, hold on.

Chobits was made by CLAMP.

PEACH-PIT later made DearS, which was a shitload like Chobits, only not as good. CLAMP is considerably more popular than PEACH-PIT.

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oh ok, thanks.

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I disagree. I enjoyed DearS a shitload more than chobits.

My friend came up with a description for DearS as "Chobits, only without fucking everything up," and have started using it.

Just personal opinion.

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>>29 Really? Well, thats how things happen. I can see aspects of DearS thatre more favorable.

(in b4 "Is this really a chan board!?" pic)

Btw, this is >>27

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(29 here again)

I think Chobit's comedy just got repetitive for me. "Underwear for Hideki!", anyone? I mean, sure DearS was repetitive in it's own way, but it just felt like it moved at a better pace for me.

I definitely liked the ending of DearS much more than the ending of Chobits. The whole bit with Ren screaming about dedicating her life to making babies still makes me laugh every time I even look at the manga on my shelf.

But, as you said, to each their own.

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No way, I thought DearS was a lot better than Chobits.

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It's a Dr. Frankenstein situation. Kind of.

CLAMP and Chobits is like Dr. Frankenstein and the Creature--except Dr. Frankenstein got it right. It was rushed at the end, but for the most part is a fairly nice piece of work.

Peach-Pit and DearS is like Dr. Faulkenstein and his Created. He created a brazen copy of Frankenstein's work, except it came out a horrible malformed abortion that constantly almost chokes to death on its own phlegm and bile. A merciful parent would've smothered that child in the crib, but Dr. Falkenstein is not a merciful parent. Depicted at left: a creature that is far more comely and attractive than Peach-Pit's shambling abortion.

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Well, I didnt think it was THAT bad, but thats true inpart.

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You're all ignoring the main issue.

Rozen Maiden needs to have as much fanservice as Chobits does.

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I loved Chobits myself.

Underpants, underpants, underpants.

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>>43 And Chobits doesnt have nearly as much fanservice as Dears

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Meh, haven't read Dears, so wouldn't know.

For some reason, the covers made me too embarassed to buy them >.>

But then I turned around and got Gacha Gacha 3.

Edit: Lawl, fifty GET

Last edited 07/09/01(Sat)01:17.

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i finished watching chobits about a week ago. good series

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I don't know... I think it would take away from the story some, no matter how delicious. I don't know... it's like, if I want to see ecchi, I'll look at softcore porn.

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I would like them to fix the battle scene abit.
And yes thats an easy way to do it XD

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SOrry just posting to get that creepy pic out of the last few posts... it scare dthe shit out of me whenever I go to theis page...


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Chii take a bath now Hideki.

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Delicious Chi cosplay is delicious

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Chii being cosplayed by Rie Tanaka would mess me up no end. Either psychologically or physically from the waist down, I'm not sure.

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My hand would be red raw.

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Y'know what would be awesome? A crossover by both mangaka groups - specifically a volume of Chobits by Peach-Pit, and DearS by CLAMP. That's what I'd like to see!

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