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File: 1182791236010.jpg -(817965 B, 983x693) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
817965 No.3922   [Delete]   [Edit

ITT we order which RM's we would like to medium for. I'll get started:

  1. Suiseiseki (because ~desu is loev)
  2. Hinaichigo (because she's cute!)
  3. Kanaria (also adorable)
  4. Shinku (no strong feelings one way or another)
  5. Souseiseki (too bloodthirsty for my tastes)
  6. Barasuishou (also too bloodthirsty)
  7. Kirakishou (insane)
  8. Suigintou (...)
>> No.3923   [Delete]
  1. Suiseiseki
  2. Shinku
  3. Boku
  4. Kanaria
  5. Hina Ichigo (love her, but too childish, and it sounds like too much babysitting)
  6. Suigintou
  7. Kira
  8. Bara
>> No.3924   [Delete]
  1. Hina Ichigo (the cuteness... ;__;)
  2. Shinku (no reason... I just like her)
  3. Suiseiseki (Desu is loev... but cuteness and Shinku come before desu in my book...)
  4. Kanaria (cute... but she's a bit too noisy for me... and I'm not too fond of her poofy orange pants...)
  5. Boku (Meh... no particular feelings for her)
  6. Suigin Tou (bitch would probably kill me... but then again, she is hot...)
  7. Barasuishou (too crazy, probably wouldn't listen to me, etc.)
  8. Kirakishou (FUCKIN INSANE!! Yeesh...)
>> No.3925   [Delete]
  1. Barasuishou - Patholigically homocidal, has an aura of just fucking awesomeness when fighting, murders in cold blood. Ultimatly thats what they're there for, mightswell be on the winning side... provided she could actually win instead of just crumbling to dust in a grand finalle of epic failing.
  2. Suigintou - Has great potential to be a heavy metal fan. Fights with her heart.
  3. Souseiseki - Balls of steel.
  4. Kirakishou -Insanity is always epic fuck win. And i do enjoy strawberries...
  5. Suiseiseki - DESU DESU DESU DESU, also fuck cute
  6. Kanaria - KA-NA-RI-A, also fuck cute
  7. Shinku - I don't want to be a medium AND your bitch, although tea is fine too.
  8. Hinaichigo - ...chew nyoro~n :3
>> No.3926   [Delete]

1.Suigintou(Because shes just that sexy.)
2.Suiseiseki(Come on! do I even need an explanation?)
3.Hina ichigo(-shifty eyes-)
4.Shinku(no reason.)
5.Kanaria(if hina isnt available)
6.Souseiseki(she's a reverse trap.)
7.Kirakishou (Killed hina. but is still just as fuckable.)
8.Barasuishou(isnt even a real rozen maiden and would probably snap in half after too much use)

>> No.3927   [Delete]
  1. Souseiseki (similar personality to me, also awesome)
  2. Suiseiseki (because it's desu)
  3. Shinku (she's pretty good at fighting and stuff)
  4. Suigintou (I could probably convince her to not be insane... probably)
  5. Kirakishou (don't know that much about her)
  6. Hinaichigo (she's kinda annoying)
  7. Kanaria ( reminds me too much of some old person, sorry for the kana fans :P)
  8. Barasuishou (she's insane)
>> No.3929   [Delete]

1: Souseiseki
2: Suiseiseki
3: Hinaichigo
4: Suigintou
5: Shinku
6: Kanaria
7: Kirakishou
8: Barasuishou

>> No.3930   [Delete]

1/2/3. Souseiseki/Suiseiseki/Suigintou (can't make up my mind... I'll take all three.)
4. Kirakishou (crazy, but so am I)
5. Barasuishou (real before clone)
6. Shinku (too demanding)
7/8. Hina Ichigo/Kanaria (too annoying)

>> No.3931   [Delete]
  1. Suiseiseki
  2. Shinku
  3. Hina
  4. Boku
  5. Kanaria
  6. Suigintou
  7. Bara
  8. Kira
>> No.3934   [Delete]
  1. Shinku (She's nice when she trusts you. Also, she's incredibly cute and intelligent.)
  2. Suiseiseki (Cute, but I'm pretty sure I won't be able to feel my toes by the time she lightens up...)
  3. Souseiseki (I'm not really sure why...)
  4. Kanaria (Again, another one I can't explain. I once had this dream about her, and I never could hate her again after it. Not that she's my favorite or anything.)
  5. Hina Ichigo (Adorable, but very needy. Too much like babysitting.)
  6. Kirakishou (Eh... I used to have a thing for her until she attacked Shinku.)
  7. Barasuishou (Crystalline-based attacks are awesome and purple is my favorite color, but that's all I like about her.)
  8. Suigintou (... cough cough...)
>> No.3935   [Delete]
  1. Suigintou
  2. Souseiseki
  3. Suiseiseki
  4. Shinku
  5. Hinaichigo
  6. Kanaria
  7. Kirakishou
  8. Barasuishou
>> No.3937   [Delete]
  1. Shinku :My favorite
  2. Kanaria :We can get all Solid Snake style
  3. Suiseiseki :desu is loev
  4. Suigintou :jyanku
  5. Souseiseki :meh
  6. Barasuisho :Not much of a conversationalist
  7. Hinaichigo :I'd lock her in her case.
  8. Kirakishou :DO NOT WANT
>> No.3939   [Delete]


>> No.3940   [Delete]

Suigintou (I wouldn't mind her or suiseiseki as my first choice, personality is a great thumbs up)
Shinku (Whens shes not being a bitch shes quite loveable)
Souseiseki (Who doesn't mind a bit of boku every now and then?)

And Just no, if I got any of these I would send them back or just donate their roza mystica to a worthy doll


>> No.3941   [Delete]

2: Suigintou! (Together we shall crush the other Maidens under out boots!}
3: Barasuishou! (I'm just glad she counts as one in this thread!)
4: Suiseiseki (I'm all for a Maiden brawl but I suppose we can make peace too)
5: Souseiseki (Probably to neutral for me but I'd still enjoy it immensely)
6: Kanaria (I wouldn't want to separate her from Miichan)
7: Hina Ichigo (If I get her what does Kira get to eat?)
8: Shinku (It's not that I hate her it's just I like the others better)

What can I say? I hold a soft spot for the silver haired sadistic dolls of the bunch!

>> No.3942   [Delete]

Choose your words carefully...they may be your last

>> No.3943   [Delete]


>And Just no, if I got any of these I would send them back or just donate their roza mystica to a worthy doll

What did you just say?
Depending on your answer, I may have to kick your ass!

>> No.3946   [Delete]


>>All of them

I imagine that would be a potent drain on your stamina!

>> No.3947   [Delete]

Haha, this is a good thread

  1. Suiseiseki (tsundere weeaboo mong that i am)
  2. Shinku (masochist prick that i am)
  3. Souseiseki (cute, but that unshakeable fealty would get really annoying after a while)
  4. Suigintou (kind of hard to place, since her obsession with rozen and hatred of shinku leads her to do some pretty nasty things that are contrary to the softer nature we see in her with megu)
  5. Barasuishou (ditto souseiseki, except without even a vestige of real personality beyond infatuation with enju)
  6. Kirakishou (OM NOM NOM)
  7. Hinaichigo (she wanted to trap her medium forever with her in the n-field against her will, and then nearly killed her fighting shinku. she may be cute when powerless but bad experiences have evidently made her volatile when mediumed)
  8. Kanaria (makes the second season a real chore to watch in places. in her perpetual company i'd probably go mad)
>> No.3948   [Delete]

Of course, if any one of the Maidens crashed through my window and said "Kiss this ring." I'd do it. =D

>> No.3949   [Delete]
  1. Shinku
  2. Shinku
  3. Shinku
  4. Shinku
  5. Shinku
  6. Shinku
  7. Shinku
  8. Shinku
>> No.3950   [Delete]
  1. Shinku (Common interests, best chance at a relatively bloodless resolution to the Alice Game.)
  2. Suiseiseki (Against killing the others. Probably wonderful company if you show respect and can pick up on her cues. As a desu flooder, I have to rate her highly.)
  3. Kanaria (Kanaria would be fun to have around. Childish but not needy.)
  4. Souseiseki (In many ways what I'd consider an ideal companion. The problem is the certainty of conflicted loyalties.)
  5. Suigintou (Seems that more than anything, she wants to be loved. Could probably be convinced to stop picking fights with some difficulty.)
  6. Hina Ichigo (I just know I'd end up in the same situation as Tomoe. She can visit but unless another doll is reining her in, I'd rather that she wasn't able to drain my life.)
  7. Barasuishou (Lives only to please Enju. Not the side I want to be on.)
  8. Kirakishou (I'd be too scared not to kiss the ring but it would be best not to associate with crazies.)
>> No.3951   [Delete]
  1. Boku
  2. Kira
  3. Gin
  4. Desu
  5. Shinku
  6. Bara
  7. Nano
  8. Kanaria
>> No.3952   [Delete]
  1. Suiseiseki (~desu, no other explanation needed)
  2. Suigintou (she's just misunderstood)
  3. Shinku (probably would be the most balanced/sane of the bunch.)
  4. Souseiseki (wouldn't be bad, but seems like she has big mood swings between playful and too serious from time to time.)
  5. Hinaichigo (cute but immature, I have problems around kids in more than small doses. Mostly their self-centered and utterly ridiculous mind-set.)
  6. Kanaria (she's like Hina, both seem like they would be too much work, need constant attention for frivolous activities.)
  7. Kirakishou (unstable, crazy, NOM NOM, etc)
  8. Barasuishou (I don't think she would take very kindly to a human companion other than Enju)
>> No.3955   [Delete]

Oh man, I've played this game before but the thread got deleted when this site was wiped a few months ago.

  1. Souseiseki
  2. Hinaichigo
  3. Kanaria
  4. Suiseiseki
  5. Shinku
  6. Suigintou
  7. Barasuishou
  8. Kirakishou
>> No.3956   [Delete]

Why is shinku s burly in that pic?

>> No.3957   [Delete]

If you ask me they all look kinda...off in that picture.

>> No.3959   [Delete]
  1. Souseiseki. Everyone saw this one coming a mile away. For Souseiseki I could do everything. With that inhuman loyalty of hers, she would do almost anything. And she is so mellow too...conflicted loyalties, yes, but I am familiar with that already. Such a nice girl. A really, really nice girl. Oh god. It would be fantastic. <3
  2. Suiseiseki. Hmm...I don't really know why. I just have such a feeling. SHe reminds me a bit of my sister. shrug
  3. Kanaria. She just seems like a child. I don't know. I worked in a kindergarden once. Children are nice. Kanaria would probably be less annoying if she wouldn't have Micchan as her medium.
  4. Hina Ichigo. Pretty much everything I said about Kana aplies here too, but she seems excessively childish no matter what.
  5. Barasuishou. She'd most likely just ignore me.
  6. Shinku. I don't like being commanded around.
  7. Suigin Tou. Kind of like Bara. Except she propably would bother to curse me every now and then.
  8. Kira....don't know what she is like so 8.
>> No.3960   [Delete]
  1. Shinku (she's gorgeous)
  2. All the others except for Suigintou (they're cute)
  3. Suigintou (the only person who should be her medium is Megu)
>> No.3961   [Delete]

my answer would change rather considerably depending on the circumstances

are we talking about an environment where everybody has given up on destroying each other or a free-for-all one where each doll is out to get every other doll?

>> No.3963   [Delete]

Think of it like the show's setting, where the violent dolls want to fight and the peaceful ones don't.

>> No.3964   [Delete]

I can't choose anymore.

>> No.3982   [Delete]
  1. Suiseiseki (No contest! Desu rules all!)
  2. Souseiseki (She's so badass...)
  3. Suigintou
  4. Shink
  5. Barasuishou
  6. Kirakishou
  7. Hinaichigo
  8. Kanaria (Shut up you stupid thing! No one likes you!)
>> No.3984   [Delete]
  1. Suiseiseki (~Desu. Seriously, everybody should have her as their first.)
  2. Suigintou (Dude. It's Suigintou. No explanation necessary.)
  3. Souseiseki([Relatively] Oversized scissors FTW!)
  4. Hina Inchigo (Who doesn't like Hina Ichigo?)
  5. Shinku (We wouldn't get along too well. EX: "How about YOU go make me some tea?")
  6. Kanaria (Like Hina, just annoying.)
  7. Kirakishou (Hell, I don't know why.)
>> No.3985   [Delete]

well then

Barasuishou - powerful and loyal (hopefully not only to enju though)
Suigintou - probably has the most similar personality to me
Kirakishou - seems intelligent and manipulative (or maybe just plain insane)
Suiseiseki - one of the first to relinquish her doubt about the alice game, pretty powerful with a medium
Souseiseki - loyal to her medium, but too headstrong
Shinku - pompous and snobbish, her few bouts of kindness and consideration aren't enough to make up for it
Kanaria - often incompetent, don't really want a comic relief
Hina Ichigo - naive, childish, needy, it'd be like babysitting

>> No.3987   [Delete]

2-Suiseiseki,Cause I cant get enough Desu in my average life with my DesuBuddy.Need more,damnit!
3-Souseiseki,I dont care if she IS a reverse trap.Id hit that 10 fold.
4-Shinku."You,go make some tea""*Calls friend*Hey,John?Get 20 tea packets over here,and make some for me,ya damn teabagger."
5-Suigintou...And I thought Brago from Gashbell was bad.
6-Hina Ichigo.Most likely to not eat her veggies.
7-Kirakishou.Shed probably eat me.

>> No.3992   [Delete]
  1. Kanaria - She seems to be the most like me.
  2. Souseiseki - Boku! Only drawback is the whole Alice Game thing.
  3. Suiseiseki - She could help my father with his gardening.
  4. Hinaichigo - I'd let her draw on my walls.
  5. Shinku - I don't think my house would be up to her standards at all!
  6. Suigintou - Well, bad things might happen.
  7. Barasuishou - She wouldn't bother with me.
  8. Kirakishou - Um... no!
>> No.3998   [Delete]

Seeing how ours is sort of simular(If I swapped Suiseiseki and Souseiseki,the first 3 would be the same)I just have to say one thing.
Caniche,HIGH FIVE!Reaches for High five

>> No.3999   [Delete]


>>Souseiseki (wouldn't be bad, but seems like she has big mood swings between playful and too serious from time to time.)

Its just that time of month.

>> No.4008   [Delete]

So if she has periods, does that mean I'd have to buy Souseiseki tampons as her medium? Fuck that shit.

>> No.4009   [Delete]

You'd have to do that for all of them... right?

>> No.4010   [Delete]
File: 1183079151031.jpg -(72833 B, 601x801) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


So then, they can get pregnant!

>> No.4013   [Delete]

lots of little desu's running around the place... kinda worth it :D

>> No.4014   [Delete]


>>lots of little desu's running around the place

I like where this is going

>> No.4015   [Delete]

Oh man, the only thing you'd hear is "desu" being echoed and echoed 24/7. I'd love it.

>> No.4049   [Delete]

For those interested (heh wha?) I got a poll of RM girls running at...


They could all use some love. =)

>> No.4050   [Delete]
  1. Souseiseki (Bad-assness)
  2. Suigintou (Can do that saw a girl in half trick)
  3. suiseiseki (desu~)
  4. Shinku (Would enjoy breaking her sado side)
  5. Kanaria (Cute)
  6. Kirakishou (Psycho)
  7. Barasuishou (Psycho)
  8. Hina-Ichigo (Babysitting)
>> No.4051   [Delete]
  1. Souseiseki ( raperaperape )
  2. Kirakishou
  3. Barasuishou
  4. Kanaria
  5. Hinaichigo
  6. Suigintou
  7. Suiseiseki
  8. Shinku


>> No.5092   [Delete]


And beyond that, I have no clue.

>> No.5096   [Delete]
  1. Shinku (oooh, my mistress!)
  2. Suiseiseki (uhm, guess we could bossy each other and end chatting near a cake that she had previously smashed into my face, lol)
  3. Souseiseki (well, having a killer doll that wants nothing but make me happy could earn some profit...)
  4. Barasuishou (same as boku but with less personality... a nice "dutch wife", lol)
  5. Suigintou (she needs much comprension, a gentle arm to cry her desperation upon and then hug her)
  6. Hinaichigo (sorry but I'm not yet ready to be a fatherly figure)
  7. Kirakishou (ugh...)
  8. Kanaria (be gone, beast!)
>> No.5097   [Delete]

1- Kirakishou (hot and crazy)
2- Suiseiseki (obvious reasons)
3- Shinku (the only problem would be that I dunno how to make tea)
4- Kanaria (she's cute)
5- Souseiseki (obvious reasons)
6- Barasuishou (loyal to her master, but she's a bit emotionless)
7- Suigintou (I dunno, she's a bit too cocky)
8- Hina Ichigo (too childish)

>> No.5098   [Delete]

Suiseiseki - I love her Desu. She is the perfect girl for me. Only Jum is a stupid bastard who can't understand her and doesn't pay enough attention to her. That is all. I do not care about anyone else.

>> No.5100   [Delete]

Suiseiseki ( <3 Desu , lol )
Hina ( too cute >.< )
Suigintou ( Kick-ass , nuff said )
Souseiseki ( A boku is fine too )
Kana ( well looking at the others ... )
Kira ( don't rly like her , she eat hina)
Shinku ( be a slave ? DO NOT WANT )
Bara ( nah don't want any fakes , gimme my money back XD )

>> No.5111   [Delete]
  1. Hina Ichigo
  2. Hina Ichigo
  3. Hina Ichigo
  4. Hina Ichigo
  5. Hina Ichigo
  6. Hina Ichigo
  7. Hina Ichigo
  8. Hina Ichigo
>> No.5116   [Delete]

1/2. Suiseiseki/Souseiseki (appealing, reason I started liking RM/anime)
2. Shinku (I just like her)
3. Hinaichigo (just so fucking cute)
4. Suigintou (badassed, hawt, but ruins the fun :p. AND SHE TOOK BOKU'S ROSA MYSTICA)
5. Kanaria (annoying character)
6. Barasuishou (bah)
7. Kirakishou (she's here cause I don't know anything about her, can someone explain why she is insane, I never got around reading RM manga or could get ahold of scanlations)

>> No.5117   [Delete]
  1. Souseiseki (Easier to deal with, tidy, reverse trap)
  2. Suigintou (Krazy awesome, lots of fun)
  3. Shinku (Nice enough tho a bit cold)
  4. Suiseiseki(The desu thing while nice would get old real quick, plus she is a bit of a thief)
  5. Barasuishou (Not much personality)
  6. Hinaichigo (Annoying)
  7. Kanaria (More Annoying)
  8. Kirakishou (Havn't read the mangas this far)
>> No.5130   [Delete]
  1. Kana (cuteness)
  2. Shinku (cool, cute, etc)
  3. Desu (DESU)
  4. Boku (Cool, cute)
  5. Suigintou (Cute, a little crazy, shy)
  6. Hina (Cute, but not quite as good as those above)
  7. Barasuishou (Cute, but a total bitch)
  8. Kira (Have yet to get there in the manga)
>> No.5135   [Delete]

I thought I did this here once. Ah well.

  1. Shinku (Intelligent and so beautiful. I won't mind her bossy ways, it is how she expresses her love)
  2. Suiseiseki (Same as Shinku really)
  3. Kanaria (We can go all Solid Snake style. I also find her beautiful and intelligent. She could play music for me too.)

4.Suigintou (She just needs someone to love her.)
5. Barasuisho. (Not much of a conversationalist is she? Ah well.)
6. Souseiseki. (I admire loyalty to be sure, but there are times when you must reevaluate.)
7. Hinaichigo. (Too damn childish and needy.)

I can't include Kira in the the list, as I know almost nothing about her.

>> No.5144   [Delete]
  1. Suigintou (she's very strong in her own way)
  2. Suiseiseki (we could have conversations consisting of ~desu)
  3. Hinaichigo (I think she's cute, rather than annoying)
  4. Shinku (It's Shinku. She can teach me to make good tea)
  5. Souseiseki (She has an interesting personality, but I like her better in the anime)
  6. Barasuishou (She's ruthless, but the "Makeover Project" is disturbingly funny...Shirosaki is a perv!)
  7. Kirakishou (Spider-like abilities)
  8. Kanaria (She just...gah...)
>> No.5160   [Delete]

1.) Kanaria
2.) Kirakishou
3.) Suigintou
4.) Barasuishou
5.) Souseiseki
6.) Kun-kun
7.) Suiseiseki
8.) Hinaichigo

I like all of the above dolls, of course.

>> No.5172   [Delete]
  1. Suiseiseki(obvious reasons)
  3. Suigintou(great win factor)
  4. Barasuishou(strategicall genius)
  5. Shinku (the spice must flow)
  6. Souseiseki(reverse trap)
  7. Hinaichigo (fail in a pink dress)
  8. Kanaria (epic fail in a yellow dress)

of course i would never opt to become a medium for one of these dolls, becoming a minion for something half my size doesnt appeal to me much, unless its kira or desu, obvious reasons

>> No.5178   [Delete]
  1. Souseiseki (Boku is love, that is all.)
  2. Suigintou (More like Moe-gintou!)
  3. Suiseiseki (Boku and desu are of kin, just like chocolate and strawberry cakes are of kin.)
  4. Barasuishou (As long as she's not obsessed with Daddy.)
  5. Kirakishou (I gonna get raped...)
  6. Shinku (If I wanted a blond, controlling bitch, I'd pick one from half of my college.)
  7. Kanaria (I guess a doll is better than no doll...)
  8. I would refuse Hina. I couldn't do it. She reminds me way too much of a friend of mine (22 and still living in her parents house. never had a boyfriend, mom still buys all her clothes and decides what she wears, etc.)
>> No.5193   [Delete]


>> No.5194   [Delete]
File: 1186305279471.gif -(40734 B, 476x682) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Picture may not be Rozen Maiden relevant, but it is thread relevant...

>> No.5210   [Delete]

You want Hina or my friend?

>> No.5231   [Delete]

in before "both"

>> No.5239   [Delete]

Shinku - She's smart, and clearly the ost likely to become alice.
Suigintou - also skilled, and inside se seems very caring.
Suiseiseki - desu.
Hina - Shed draw on the walls but is still cute.
souseisei - i like her hat...
Barasuishou - The chrystals are just awesome.. i could force her to make jewlery in which i could wear or sell.
Kirakishou - meh..
Kana - annoying as hell... and moronic.. but she can play the violin...

>> No.5256   [Delete]
  1. Shinku (she's the only one who keeps visiting my dreams, so I guess we're meant to be)
  2. Kana (adorable, funny and really something else, and just look what she would do for Micchan. Please come too)
  3. Suigintou (just beautiful)
  4. Hinaichigo (lovable, but too much)
  5. Souseiseki (cold)
  6. Suiseiseki (doesn't capture my interest)

I still love all of them though, except Desu >:3

>> No.5257   [Delete]

Of course you know, this means war.

>> No.5258   [Delete]


You're a horrible person.

  1. Suiseiseki (Because I love her so...)
  2. Suiseiseki (Her personality is quite similar to mine.)
  3. Suiseiseki (Cute? Hot? Both? Definitely.)
  4. Suiseiseki (Heheheh...Desu.)
  5. Suiseiseki (A bit of help around the house would help.)
  6. Suiseiseki (I hear she cooks too.)
  7. Suigintou (Because my little Boatlights-chan needs a friend, doesn't she?)
>> No.5259   [Delete]
File: 1186590397526.jpg -(66800 B, 720x540) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



You goddamed communist heathen, you had best sound off that you love Suiseiseki, or I'm gonna stomp your guts out!

>> No.5260   [Delete]

insulting desu on desuchan..........tell me good sir do you enjoy your fingernails?

>> No.5265   [Delete]
File: 1186606587023.jpg -(31720 B, 704x396) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh god...

>> No.5279   [Delete]

j/k I love her too, at least when she's not anno-OW!

>> No.5291   [Delete]

<3 gin

>> No.5297   [Delete]
File: 1186730682532.jpg -(171687 B, 600x1050) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
  1. Kirakishou. MYSTERIOUS
  3. desu Natsuko Kuwatani
  4. dawa Miyuki Sawashiro


>> No.5319   [Delete]
File: 1186795341270.jpg -(41547 B, 524x393) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

>>5259 is shopped. Here's the original.

>> No.5614   [Delete]

Souseiseki - She can kick ass
Suiseiseki - DESU!
Shinku - She is emotionless(sometimes)
Suigintou - I love her outfit >:3
Kanaria - She is so funny!
Hina Ichigo - Even though she's chidlish, I still love her!
Kirakishou - Umm.......
Barasuishou - .....

>> No.5617   [Delete]

Suiseiseki - She's my favorite. I luvs me sum desu.
Shinku - She thinks a lot like me, but that could cause trouble too.
Souseiseki - Ideally I'd have her and Suiseiseki together. I'd hate to separate them.
Hina Ichigo - Probably have to clean crayon off the walls, but she's cute.
Kanaria - She's very loyal and fun.
Suigintou - I've always liked her, but she'd have to stop trying to kill her sisters.
Barasuishou - Doesn't seem like much fun to be around, but I guess she'd do whatever you told her to do.
Kirakishou - Totally insane, but she is kinda hot sometimes.

>> No.5618   [Delete]
File: 1187934798240.jpg -(32501 B, 346x277) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

My list :D

  1. Suigintou : Because she's cute and I'd be willing to have a threesome with Megu.
  2. Shinku : She's mouthy, rude and extremely moe!
  3. Suiseiseki : Who can resist the Queen of Cute
  4. Souseiseki : Because if you take Suiseiseki NOW, you get a cute younger sister for free!
  5. Kanaria : You'd never get bored for conversation topics
  6. Hinaichigo :I felt bad you died...really..but could you like - get a muzzle or something?
  7. Kirakishou :You're half blind! Take that flower out of your idea and we'll talk after!
  8. Barasuisho :If yer not Rozen lassie, yer crap!
>> No.5621   [Delete]

Since I can't seem to edit my post...I would like to amend my comment on Kirakishou to read:

You're half blind! Take that flower out of your 'eye' and we'll talk after!

>> No.5633   [Delete]
File: 1187984724192.jpg -(367055 B, 550x776) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
  1. Barasuishou. Ha-ha! Madness. Also Eyepatch. And very cute.
  2. Suigintou. Ha-ha! Madness. Ha-ha! Double use. Also pretty.
  3. Kirakishou. Cute and reminds me of Bara. Also potentially insane.
  4. Souseiseki. Minor madness, and very loyal.
  5. Kanaria. Very, very cute and 'intelligent'.
  6. Suiseiseki. A bit too arrogant for me.
  7. Hina-Ichigo. Too cute = ick.
  8. Shinku. Fuck you you filthy whore.

I like insane ones. It's a turn-on for me. I'm so fucked up.

>> No.5635   [Delete]

I wish you would've put down your reasons this time around, Lempicka, seeing as the two of us are on the EXACT SAME PAGE as far as order goes. I'd really like to know why you made the choices you did.

1. Souseiseki (Boku can be serious when it's necessary, laid-back when the time calls for it, ideally direct in social situations, and understands the concept of "loyalty for loyalty's sake". I can imagine a big lack of in-fighting would help the two of us get alot accomplished, but neither of us would be willing to take out Shinku, Hina, Kanaria, or Suiseiseki for the sake of a game)
2. Hinaichigo (the cuteness, it fills me... it is neat! - she only really becomes needy and whiny when she's neglected, which I wouldn't do in the first place; if she were my only animate doll, playing with her would certainly be high on my list. The biggest problem I could see is running out of unyuu and other candies)
3. Kanaria (who could hate living with a supernaturally talented violinist? Even if she's a bit obsessed with bringing down the other dolls, I share her ability to stay upbeat after any setback life throws at us, so it might be fun to do some amateur spying, and even lose a few battles... also, Pizzicato is my favorite of the artificial spirits; not sure why, I just love that little ball of yellow light!)
4. Suiseiseki (4th place: the first position in an event where you don't win a medal, and it shows here. Desu tops my list of rather-nots by only being mischievous, not bitchy or downright evil. I'd assume we'd have to do too much dancing around important conversation topics when trying to speak to each other, but we'd ultimately be able to get along, on and off the battle-field. Also, ~desu is cute)
5. Shinku (I'm fine with being a servant, but only if I choose who I serve. We'd clash at every opportunity, and I don't think I'd be able to get comfortable around her even when I'm civil enough not to voice my opinions. I like acting refined and distinguished on occasion, I like a fine cup of tea, but the biggest thing keeping us together would probably be her enlightened view of the Alice Game: the perfect girl doesn't kill her sisters)
6. Suigintou (she's a murderer, yes, but at least she's got a very human and understandable passion. Let's say she's misguided in her reasons for fighting, but at least she has reasons. I'd be on a constant drive to get her to see the errors of her ways, and I think she'd be pretty pissed about that; I'm guessing she'd push me to the breaking point every time she fought, and relish a bit in the fact that I'm nearly dying so she wins a fight that I don't think should be fought in the first place... Still, I'd wind if given the choice, just to try to turn her onto the better path. Bonus points for the raven motif, too)
7. Barasuishou (no real hope of redemption here, just a cold-hearted killing machine. If being her medium meant I had some influence over where her wrath was aimed - if she could have a medium, that is - and if it kept me out of her line of fire, I'd accept the position, though)
8. Kirakishou (only doll that I truly DO NOT WANT! Too alien in thought to manipulate verbally, too little of a conscience to affect emotionally, and too able-to-sap-my-energy-and-use-it-against-me to deter physically - someone I couldn't restrain in the least. My power going to fuel some horrible death-beast? No thanks. Especially not when you consider there isn't much to keep her from EATING ME at any given moment!)

>> No.5638   [Delete]

Holy FUCK, I am long-winded!
No wonder I don't get invited to social gatherings...

>> No.5667   [Delete]


Alrighty, that's fair enough to wonder why, and having read your post, we seem to have generally the same reasons for our choice order as well, but here goes anyway for completism's sake.

  1. Souseiseki. Easily the lowest-maintenance of all of the dolls; and though that might imply that she deserves or needs the least affection or attention, I don't mean that at all. What I really mean is that she isn't demanding, bratty or arrogant like many of the others are, and that would work pretty well with my relatively laid-back lifestyle. We'd probably just hang out and play video games most of the time.
  2. Hinaichigo - Far too cute for words, and at that quite an odd second choice for a 23-year-old male who likes to party and play hilariously violent and gruesome video games. I can see how a lot of people view her as obnoxious, but I attribute that mostly to how demanding she was in the first episode she appeared in; with proper and firm treatment she would end up more self-sufficient and not prone to acting spoiled. However, her death in the show hit me the hardest (despite hers being the only relatively peaceful one), and that sort of made me realize how much I liked her.
  3. Kanaria - Definitely a love her or hate her character; I couldn't stand her when she was first introduced, but she, like Souseiseki, is relatively low-maintenance and cares equally for her medium's well-being and happiness, which can be important. She's a bit haughty and self-important, but her alleged tactical genius might make for entertaining competition when playing games and stuff like that.
  4. Suiseiseki - The character that got me into the show (yes, I was lured to Rozen Maiden solely via the Desu meme) ended up lower on my list than I thought she would, although I should add that though she's in 4th place, it's a close 4th (if I were to rather rate my liking for the characters on a 1 to 100 scale, Suiseiseki would still be in the 90's with the 3 characters above her). Her timidity is kind of cute and kind of off-putting at the same time, although that disposition is mostly a product of her distrust for humans; however, I'd probably be able to garner at least a -bit- more respect from her than Jun has yet to do. Plus, she's good at cooking and cares more about those close to her than the actual Alice Game itself, which, admittedly, I'd try to convince the others of what a pointless endeavor it is as well.
  5. Shinku - Here's where the ratings start to drop. There's a vast gulf of difference between my opinions of Suiseiseki and Shinku, and for some pretty obvious reasons. I don't need to remind anyone of how domineering, proud and demanding Shinku is, not to mention how poorly she's been seen treating her mediums. I don't think I'd enjoy having to get up at 9 AM every day to wait on her hand and foot, especially when I'm already forgoing part of my personal energy just to keep her walking, talking and complaining.
  6. Suigintou - Suigintou's occupation of spot #6 assumes that she behaves toward me the way she does Megu. Sure she's a tragic figure, but if I wanted a Rozen doll at all I'd want one that would want to hang out with me and have a good time. I can't see Suigintou wanting to do anything but skulk around, spying on the other dolls and trying to incite fights.
  7. Barasuishou - Soulless. Sure, all she wants is to make Enju happy, but she's probably got the most one-dimensional personality of any anime character I've ever seen, aside from being deceptive and malicious.
  8. Kirakishou - I only know as much about Kirakishou as anyone who has read the Wikipedia entry about her. Granted, that might not be a great place to start evaluating her, but her reputation as being absolutely batshit insane is a major strike against, not to mention her consuming Hina for her own use.
>> No.5677   [Delete]

1: Shinku (Smartest, most merciful, most reasonable, and has that regal/bitchy personality going for here and that's a turn on for me. Plus she's made of moe.)
2: Souseiseki (Love the tomboy thing)
3: Suiseikei (Do I even need to explain this one?)
4: Suigintou (Cause there's a little sadist in all of us.)
5: Hina Ichigo (Very cute, but too childish)
6: Kanaria (She just bugs me, but I can't hate her do to the fact that she's the only one who thought to bring a fucking piece and put a cap in the other dolls asses.)
7: Kirakishou (Silent insanity archetype is dead to me)
8: Barasuishou (Fake Rozen Maiden can get the fuck out)

>> No.5679   [Delete]
  1. Suiseiseki -- です
  2. です
  3. です
  4. です
  5. です
  6. です
  7. です

です. です

>> No.5689   [Delete]
  1. Suigintou
  2. Suigintou
  3. Suigintou
  4. Suigintou
  5. Suigintou
  6. Suigintou
  7. Suigintou


>> No.5707   [Delete]

# Suiseiseki

Wait, other RMs ? wat ?

>> No.6142   [Delete]

(end wants here)

better list:

>> No.6143   [Delete]
  1. Souseiseki
  2. Suiseiseki
  3. Hinaichigo
  4. Kanaria
  5. Shinku
  6. Suigintou
  7. Barasuishou
  8. Kirakishou
>> No.6146   [Delete]
  1. Suiseiseki (predictable, eh?)
  2. Shinku (she is plain awesome. makes me laugh alot)
  3. Kanaria (shes friggin hilarious)
  4. Hina-Ichigo (amazingly cute, probably loads of fun to be with)
  5. Souseiseki (shes pretty cool)
  6. Suigintou (Shes a bit.. deadly)
  7. Kirakishou (cos i know nothing about her)
  8. Bara Suishou (Not a RM. can GTFO)
>> No.6150   [Delete]
  1. Suigintou, because I'd get Kira too. Kira loev Gin. Then it's RAEP TIEM in the Alice game, after which I shoot Rozen in the face.
  2. Souseiseki, after we discuss Rozen's obvious faggotry, she'd be loyal to me.
  3. Kanaria, as long as I can get her to focus on the music rather than the Alice game.
  4. Suiseiseki, I need a decent gardener.
  5. Kirakishou, while hawt, is also batshit insane.
  6. Shinku, I AM NO-ONE'S TEA BITCH.
  7. Hina-Ichigo, because 'cute' things make me angry.
  8. Barasuishou, because An Jew can keep his failure.
>> No.6153   [Delete]
  1. Shinku (Weakness for long-haired, regal blondes. Also, HAIR SEX)
  2. Suiseiseki (Close, almost a tie. But a threesome is fine too. Also, DESU!)
  3. Hina Ichigo (Awww, lol and BAWWWW at the same time. Also, LOLI)
  4. Souseiseki (well, she's not bad)
  5. Kira (I wouldn't mind if I didn't get the others)
  6. Bara (same reason as Kira)
  7. Suigintou (You're junk, face it)
  8. Kanaria (Rozen, you sick motherfucker...)
>> No.6156   [Delete]
  1. Boku (real loev is boku loev)

2/3. Desu/Dawa (too close to call. Desu is cuter, Dawa is stronger. Love both their personalities)
4. Hina (cute cute cute!)
5. Junk

couldn't care less for the others.

<3 boku

>> No.6193   [Delete]


>> No.6197   [Delete]

See above post.

>> No.6205   [Delete]
  1. Suiseiseki (desu desu desu)
  2. Suigintou (she just wants to be loved I guess)
  3. Hinaichigo (she's cute :D)
  4. Souseiseki (cute too)
  5. Shinku (great personality)
  6. Barasuishou (Meeeh..)
  7. Kirakishou (No comment)
  8. Kanaria (She's so full of herself, I can't stand her)
>> No.6288   [Delete]
  1. Suiseiseki
  2. Suiseiseki
  3. Suiseiseki
  4. Suiseiseki
  5. Suiseiseki
  6. Suiseiseki
  7. Suiseiseki
>> No.6296   [Delete]
  1. Suigintou (Mai waifu<3)
  2. Souseiseki (Laid-back, love the boyish charm)
  3. Suiseiseki (~desu and she's a pacifist)
  4. Shinku (Love of tea and books, level-headed, and I enjoy femdom.)
  5. Kirakishou (Yeah, I'm into the yandere thing.)
  6. Kanaria (Could be worse...)
  7. Hinichigo (Babysitting, but she's still fun.)
  8. Barasuishou (GTFO FAEK!)
>> No.7440   [Delete]
  1. Suigintou
  2. ???
  3. PROFIT!!!!
>> No.7443   [Delete]

Everyone else (including me) is wrong. This is the correct answer.

>> No.7444   [Delete]
File: 1194013039356.jpg -(33517 B, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
  1. Suiseiseki (I'm already fantasising her making me her medium)
  2. Hinaichigo (energetic enthusiasm reminds me of myself)
  3. Shinku (someone to share valuable discussions with)
  4. Souseiseki (no reason given, just putting in for filler as the following four below are not in my medium plans)
  5. Suigintou (if I can stop her from being too obsessive with violence)
  6. Kanaria (not as adorable as Hinaichigo)
  7. Kirakishou
  8. Barasuishou (what is this faker doing here?)

Here's some Boku-art from the depths of Desuchan, revived for your desires.

>> No.7451   [Delete]
  1. Suiseiseki - Obvious, no?
  2. Suigintou - Hot.
  3. Kirakishou - I'm weird.
  4. Souseiseki - Same reason I like Suiseiseki.
  5. Shinku - Pretty hot, although she can be somewhat bitchy.
  6. Barasuishou - Eh.
  7. Kanaria - Too much like babysitting.
  8. Hinaichigo - Also too much like babysitting, and if she annoys Jun she'd also quite annoy me.
>> No.7452   [Delete]
File: 1194049242743.jpg -( B, 700x964) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

1) Suigintou. She is superior. She can love, too. She just has a hard time expressing it.
2) Souseiseki. Loyalty is something I value a lot.
3) Hina-Ichigo. Sweet little kid who likes to draw and eat snacks. Total chick magnet.
4) Suiseiseki. Arrogant and scheming. Wouldn't be so bad if her plots were in any way related to something other than being a pain in the ass. She does, however, make good food.
5) Shinku. STFU, bitch.
6) Kirikishou. Don't know much about her, but she loevs Gin and is therefore OK in my book. I'd rate her higher but IDK anything about her.
7) Kanaria. I'll take my chances with the above psychopathic cannibal before I become the medium to this useless failure of a Rozen Maiden.
8) Barasuishou. GTFO,fake!

Last edited 07/11/03(Sat)03:20.

>> No.7454   [Delete]

1: Suiseiseki (It's raep tiem desu)

2: Sugintou (I feel sorry for her, I'd show her a good time HURR HURR HURR)

3: Barasuishou (Probably would take orders regardless of what they actually are)

4: Souseuseki (Out of all the dolls she seemingly made the best company)

5: Kirakishou (AHAHA! alright my own crazy chick. Would probably end up killing me, though)

6: Shinku (Oh god do not want.. At least I could probably get her to pick up her act with enough persuasion)

7: Hinaichigo (Not fond of kids. At least she's rapeable)

8: Kanaria (Again, not fond of kids, and she's too ugly to rape)

EDIT: Mixed up Bara and Kiras names again..

Last edited 07/11/03(Sat)11:49.

>> No.7463   [Delete]
  1. Suigintou (I sympathize with her. While I understand that Shinku feels guilty over how she treated Gin-sama, it still doesn't make it right that she treated her poorly in the first place.)
  2. Shinku (I know I just bad-mouthed her a bit, but her cute side and her opposition to the Alice Game have my support.)
  3. Souseiseki (Her and I are somewhat similar, namely in our tendencies for stubborn loyalty.)
  4. Suiseiseki (She's cute as hell, but a bit too mischevious at times. Not as though that's a problem, but I suppose I have others I would prefer.)
  5. Kirakishou (She's downright beautiful. Her madness also mystifies me a good deal, and I would be interested in her to an extent.)
  6. Hinaichigo (She's cute, but I don't quite fare too well with children most of the time.)
  7. Kanaria (Far too eccentric for me. She's cute too, but may be too much of a handful.)
  8. Barasuishou (Odd that I place her so low, considering I find her beautiful. She's a bit too violent and cold for my tastes, though, and I couldn't live with myself if I had a part in the deaths of the other Rozen Maidens.)
>> No.7468   [Delete]


  1. desu
  2. desu
  3. desu
  4. desu
  5. desu
  6. desu
  7. desu
>> No.7470   [Delete]
  1. Shinku (cute, intelligent, and I'm a bit masochistic)
  2. Souseiseki (the short hair is adorable)
  3. Suiseiseki (~desu)
  4. Suigintou (don't like her per se, but she's more compelling than the other characters)
  5. Barasuishou (bleh)
  6. Kirakishou (see Barasuishou)
  7. Hinaichigo (no)
  8. Kanaria (makes me vomit in my mouth)
>> No.7472   [Delete]


Um ew

>> No.7475   [Delete]
File: 1194294752392.jpg -(43515 B, 400x500) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

1.Kirakishou (Fuckin' nuts. 'Nuff said.)
2.Desu Dolly ( Why, because she has ~Desu power of course.)
3.Barasuishou (Lol, psychopath.)
4.Suigin Dolly (Goth girly. Also, I think she needs a friend.)
5.HinaIchigo (Woo Yay Strawbies...)
6.Souseiseki (Good for sex and little else.)
7.Shinku (Because shes less annoying than...)
8.Kanaria (Bitch. Loli bitch. Dead bitch.)

>> No.7486   [Delete]
  1. Suiseiseki (The whole tsundere thing, and she's cuter than Sink)
  2. Kirakishou (By far the most aesthetically pleasing, and also insane)
  3. Suigintou (She has WINGS! Also, I like dark colors)
  4. Souseiseki (Reverse trap. She also gets a point for being Desu's twin)
  5. Shinku (I have nothign against her, really, but the others are more awesome)
  6. Kanaria (I hate everything about Kanabun except her weapon of choice)
  7. Hinaichigo (Like Kanabun, except Hina has no redeeming qualities whatsoever)

NaN. Barasuishou (Disqualified for not being a Rozen Maiden, otherwise she'd be tied with Junk)

>> No.7489   [Delete]


Maybe enju divided by zero? That would explain some things.

>> No.7492   [Delete]

1.Hinaichigo (cute...xD)
2.Shinku (i dont know why, becouse he can feel love..or something like that XD)
3.Suiseiseki (desu)

>> No.7499   [Delete]
  1. Souseiseki (Awesomeness incarnate)
  2. Suiseiseki (She's second only to Boku)
  3. Suigintou (Cool wings and much better than Shinku)
  4. Shinku (I make tea for NO ONE)
  5. Hina-Ichigo (Too immature for my tastes)
  6. Kanaria (No poofy pants plz!)
  7. Kirakishou (Crazy)
  8. Barasuishou (FAKER!
>> No.7501   [Delete]
  1. Suigintou (Gothically awesome, seriously needs someone to care about her, too)
  2. Souseiseki (Gotta love the reverse trapness. Although I think that might be a problem if she were to tire of my general inaggressive nature)
  3. Shinku (real classy, which I like, and while she'd probably be like, dude, you're a tool, get me some tea, she does that to everybody, you know? Nothin personal.)
  4. Kanaria (cute, a bit oddballish, but I mean, she makes perfect sense to me, you know? If anything, I fear we'd be too alike)
  5. Suiseiseki (Desu is generally loev)
  6. Hina Ichigo (Cute, but like, if I wanted kids, I'd have a kid)
  7. Barasuishou
  8. Kirakishou (both psychotic and homicidal. Only reason Bara is higher is I like how she dresses better)
>> No.7507   [Delete]
  1. Sexygintou
  2. Desu~ desu~ desu~
  3. OMNOMNOMkishou
  4. all the rest
  5. Except Unyuu
  6. And Stinku.
>> No.7510   [Delete]
File: 1194626474210.jpg -(69691 B, 750x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
  1. Suiseiseki (DESU FTW)
  2. Hina Ichigo
  3. Suigintou (She can have al my Yakult, if you know what I mean)
  4. Shinku (I like, but a bit too bossy)
  5. Souseiseki (Loyalty and intelligence, don't like the reversed trap thing)
  6. Kanaria (Not that I don't liek her, I just like Sou's personality better)
  7. Bara Suishou (She is faek)
  8. Kirakishou (also batshit insane)
>> No.7511   [Delete]

1:suiseiseki(she is an evil little devil and so god damned cute, i would willingly serv her AND her twin)
1:souseiseki(i loev her almost as much as desu but cant split them apart so i will take them both, even if she choses to live with the old folkz)
3:gin(she is really a beautifull person -doll- but needs love, like when she started to change in traumend)
4:shinku (she is a nice person but thinks if she shows it she will b another weakling)
5:hina(i dont babysit)
6:(i dont babysit, even if you CAN play a violin)
8:kira(i value my life)
8:bara(see above)

>> No.7530   [Delete]
File: 1194810686203.jpg -(61109 B, 640x480) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
  1. Suigintou - the most complex character of the bunch. Her story is a classic tragic tale of abandonment, hurt, anger, and revenge, yet she shows a great capacity for compassion and sympathy. Love her.
  2. Suiseiseki - Because she opposes the Alice Game, and her main power is healing.
  3. Shinku - Solid protagonist character, although prim she sometimes shows a more vulnerable side.
  4. Souseiseki - A little too sober and humorless at times, but you gotta admire her dedication.
  5. Hinaichigo - Just adorable. Plus her "unwinding" at the end of Traumend made me bawww.
  6. Barasuishou - One crazy bitch.
  7. Kanaria - Put the violin down, sweetie.
  8. Kirakishou - Never read the manga, so I don't know a thing about her.

Last edited 07/11/11(Sun)21:53.

>> No.7531   [Delete]

4.Hina Ichigo

>> No.7534   [Delete]

What's with all the haet for the crazy ones?

>> No.7535   [Delete]
File: 1194833921856.jpg -(20638 B, 237x250) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
  1. Yakult (she's cute, delicious and insane)
  2. Desu (<3)
  3. Dawa (ooooohh wow... shinku's blowjob)
  4. Boku (is a tarp!!)
  5. Nano (she dies ;_; )
  6. Bananas (insane)
  7. Kashira (fail doll is fail)
  8. Otousama (fake RM is fake)
>> No.7563   [Delete]

None here. I think Kirakishou is pretty cool; Barasuishou, I'm not sure about because while she is insane and pretty, she's a FAEK.

>> No.7639   [Delete]

in this order:

>> No.7704   [Delete]

1)Shinku. (With Shinku, Desu and Boku will come visit.)
2)Hina Ichigo (Cute, although I might have trouble locating Strawberry Daifuku)
6)Kirakishou(Lack of eye.)

>> No.7706   [Delete]
  1. Suigintou (hot)
  2. Barasuishou(hot)
  3. Hinaichigo (cute)
  4. Kanaria (cute)
  5. Souseiseki
  6. Kirakishou
  7. Shinku
  8. Suiseiseki
>> No.7800   [Delete]

Desu?! Last?!

>> No.7805   [Delete]
File: 1196080816691.jpg -(138055 B, 700x700) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Yes, I like Desu, bit I prefer the other dolls.

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