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File: 1172722287386.jpg -(877297 B, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.
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ALIBAT version 1.5F Patch ( need version 1.5 installed )



ALIBAT version 1.5 ISO ( added mirros )

Mirror: Alibat 1.5 at megaupload.com ( 1 rar archive - thanks to >>5606 )

Mirror: Alibat 1.5 at mediafire.com ( 4 rar archives )


Game OST ( thanks to >>3709 )


Version 1.0 to 1.5 Patch ( thanks to >>113)



How to install:
1: Mount the iso image file in any virtual drive.
2: Install
3: Find your Regional options tab and change Standards and Formats to Japanese and click OK. Like here
4: Now go play!


Your game still not working? look at the big ALIBAT Thread at Hongfire ( thanks to >>871 )


Last edited 07/09/19(Wed)12:00.

>> No.113   [Delete]

The new patch avalable.
Override,Install folder, thanks.

>> No.148   [Delete]

What are the system requirments to play this game.

>> No.161   [Delete]

does it work in gnaa/lunix?

>> No.169   [Delete]

Its a game for windows only. You may try Wini.

>> No.810   [Delete]

no one is really seeding

>> No.811   [Delete]


There is Rapid Shit of v1.0 Same thing but no Kira

>> No.813   [Delete]


>> No.819   [Delete]

What do levels do?

>> No.822   [Delete]

Ok guys, serious question. I really would like to download/play this game. But my computer dosent offer japanese as a regional setting. Is there a way to download a language paket for this? Or am i just screwed? I'd appreciate any information, and also please dont just flame me saying my computers old. i know how old it is, and it still runs well since i take care of it. thanks in advance for any info

>> No.827   [Delete]

All the Japanese language packs are on the Windows CD, assuming you're on windows.

>> No.829   [Delete]
File: 1174242466374.jpg -(67244 B, 404x485) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Do this.

>> No.830   [Delete]

Barasuishou is a fucking monster in nightmare mode. I'm afraid to try the hell difficulty now.

>> No.837   [Delete]
File: 1174291170589.jpg -(10547 B, 320x239) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

If that dosent work, go here:

I am oandapretorian, hit me up on that board if you still need help

Also, look what i did with my laptop and 60inch plasma, it was fun :)

>> No.855   [Delete]

If i may beg anonymous for help for a second, does anyone know if there is a megaupload for this game in .iso format? My bittorrent dosent seem to want to run right. If not, could someone please point me to a torrent for it that inst dead? I really wanna play this game, any help would be vastly appreciated.

>> No.856   [Delete]

I've no idea what it is, but I'm downloading...

>> No.857   [Delete]


>> No.858   [Delete]

It's a fighting game based on Rozen Maiden, sorta plays like Soul Caliber but you can move around and jump.

>> No.859   [Delete]


nothin for ver. 1.5 huh?

>> No.863   [Delete]

Whoa...this sounds soo cool. My download is 45% complete.

>> No.870   [Delete]

Installing it is a challenge alone. I've been working on this for over an hour now. Can't install the language pack, getting weird data error whenever I try to run the game...I've tried SBapplocale.

>> No.871   [Delete]


There is some good info in that thread on getting this game working.

>> No.886   [Delete]
File: 1174524194921.jpg -(106094 B, 697x539) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ok, i seriously dont know how many more problems i could run into trying to play this game. Ive downloaded the ISO. Mounted it in virtual drive E through use of Daemontools. Changed the regional formats to japanese and installed the game. Now, how do i play it? I cant get anything past this screen. Am i doing something wrong, or stupid?

>> No.888   [Delete]


I am >>886, i just felt i should add that i installed the game and it hasent given me any errors, i just dont know how to start/run it. im stuck at that screen. i wish it had a "play" button. =(

>> No.891   [Delete]

How to run Alibat?
normally if you try to run alibat 0.5 you should get an error (Data file is broken.)
so how to run alibat 0.5?
you need to set your system to japanese, but the microsofts applocale isnt working
but luckily there is sbapplocale ^^

  1. Download SBAppLocale from http://www.steelbytes.com/?mid=45
  2. Unzip SBAppLocale.exe from the file you just downloaded.
  3. Put SBAppLocale.exe in the same folder as ALiBAT.exe (for example, C:\Program Files\DreamToysFactory\ALiBAT ver0.50\)
  4. Load a command prompt (Start, All Programs, Accessories, Command Prompt)
  5. Change directory to the ALiBAT folder (for example: cd "\Program Files\DreamToysFactory\ALiBAT ver0.50")
  6. Type: SBAppLocale.exe 1041 ALiBAT.exe
  7. ALiBAT should now be loading.

i tried it, and it worked :)
i created this small zip with sbapplocale, and a start.bat, so that you can run the batch-file
instead of entering the commands manually to the commandline.

have fun with this great game ^^

>> No.892   [Delete]

This description works for ALL versions of Alibat, not just 0.5

>> No.897   [Delete]


I'm not running an exe file tho, im running an iso. Also, im getting confused with this whole command prompt bussiness. How do i change the directory to the alibat folder? Do i have to type out the filepath? I keep trying but it says it isnt recognised as an internal or external program.

>> No.900   [Delete]

Ok, ive followed all the directions to a T. I have the virtual drive thing going, i have the regional settings right. Ive installed the everything without getting any errors. But i still dont know how to run/play this game. every time i click on anything it just takes me to the install screen. Does everyone who plays it have to use the Command prompt thing? Is there an easier way? Possibly a play button? Because frankly its a bit of a mystery to me, and i dont wanna mees up shit i dont know how to fix. If command prompt is the only way, could some kind anon please take a minuit or 2 to explain to me exactly what i need to do in the command prompt window? My AIM screen name is Samaras Prophet, if anyone could find the time to talk to me for a sec with some help itd be greatly appreciated.

>> No.904   [Delete]

Ok, everyone here has the right to call me an outstanding idiot. I got it running. thank you for all the help, its much appreciated, and this game delivers SO much it was worth the headache to get it installed. Turns out my problem was related to my own stupidity, lol, but hey thats how ya learn.

>> No.913   [Delete]

So does eveyone have it working or do i need to explain more?

>> No.915   [Delete]

What are the keyboard controls for the game?

>> No.917   [Delete]

Uploading 1.5 to mediafire

>> No.920   [Delete]

MS won't let me have the East Asian language pack. They don't like my validation number :(

I'll have to find it elsewhere.

>> No.921   [Delete]


Z, X, and C from what i can tell. Its awesome for me since those are the keys i use for ZSNES anyways, lol

>> No.935   [Delete]

I use xBox 360 game controller

>> No.995   [Delete]

ok ok, i got to work on my compture fine, my friend has done everything there and it goes the main menu but when he hits arcade it exits him out of the program, does anyone know how to fix it.

>> No.1342   [Delete]


>> No.1343   [Delete]

sorry for the last post, fuc*in sneezed, so call me stoopid.


Did as ordered (see pic), and if you look you see it not running AliBAt, but it gives me this "Second-Chance Exception) then an address and a code "address=0x0041de0 <ALiBAT.exe> code=0xc0000005" . i enter both codes and im fed this "access denied" bull-crap.

any of you get this? and (or) do any of you have an override, vause if you dont, the chimp in my backround will shoot me in the back of the head.

>> No.1344   [Delete]

couldnt deliver pic cause pc's been acting up (kinda funny @ the moment)

the pic is here: http://i106.photobucket.com/albums/m264/Audio_Terrorist/Desktop.jpg

>> No.1379   [Delete]

Yeah i've been wondering this myself, do they really affect anything?

>> No.1381   [Delete]


From what I've seen, no. It just shows how many times you've won cumulatively and with that specific doll in arcade mode.

(level*100+extra exp)/5=wins in arcade (works for both cumulative and doll specific) if I remember correctly. Its been a month or two since I've played this and I've forgotten a lot about it. Correct me if I'm wrong since I have poor memory.

>> No.1382   [Delete]

Alright thanks, and what kind of features are in 1.5 that aren't in 1.0? I don't want to erase all my data and everything if I patch it wrong.

>> No.1425   [Delete]

I guess the main feature is Kirakishou. Just backup the file ALIBAT.sav before install the new version, then copy it back to the game folder. And you just need to set you Standarts and formats to japanese to run the game, not the system locale thing.
Also... Alibat 1.5 at mediafire.com(4 rar archives)

>> No.1474   [Delete]

Alright i'll do that.

Also asking >>935

How did you set that controller up? I got the Microsoft drivers but only a few buttons work.

>> No.1571   [Delete]

Use Windows Update, if u did that then it should work. The joysticks will not work in Alibat but the letter buttons and the directional pads and the start and back buttons do. Use controller setup in the alibat settings menu to configure

>> No.1619   [Delete]

Oh hey I found a program that will let you use joysticks after lurking for a while to solve the drivers problem.


The trial is a full version so just use that for the 30 days and buy it if you like it.

>> No.2432   [Delete]

I don't know much about this, but does this play in English, or only in Japanese?

>> No.2466   [Delete]

using a patch provide here, it's possible run the game perfectly in windows vista,(if you have a language local (in my case is spanish), auto change to japanese)only run the patch provider and play your game.

>> No.2912   [Delete]

I pwned this game in hardest mode like 4 months ago
I think there is a hell modex2 or something
good luck noobs

>> No.2913   [Delete]

^^Im above poster^^
I got back in the game and watched my replays
i played sousei, who wouldnt ^.^
Her beam atk (C2)does almost half their health in 1 shot, that things pwns

>> No.3055   [Delete]

Does this work on Vista?

>> No.3056   [Delete]

nvm i'm retarded

>> No.3489   [Delete]

I have a couple things:
How do you get the online to work? I just get an error message in Japanese.

Also when I change the resolution it doesn't really do anything.

>> No.3491   [Delete]


>> No.3492   [Delete]
File: 1181089288961.png -(718862 B, 1920x519) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Ok well I got the resolution thing to work but online still isn't.

Also alt costumes = AWESOME

>> No.3671   [Delete]

Doesn't look like much, but it is a pretty fun game at higher difficulty levels.

>> No.3675   [Delete]

Must find out how to select those...

>> No.3676   [Delete]

Slow torrent is sloooooooooooow.

/r/ more seeders please.

>> No.3680   [Delete]

Try on mediafire...

>> No.3686   [Delete]

A simpler way is to create a shortcut and put this as the target (Including the quotes): "C:\Program Files\PROJECT YNP\ALiBAT Ver1.5\SBAppLocale.exe" 1041 "C:\Program Files\PROJECT YNP\ALiBAT Ver1.5\ALiBAT.exe"

Obviously, you should change the location if you installed the game elsewhere.

>> No.3693   [Delete]

how do i get that?

>> No.3709   [Delete]

Heres the games OST. http://rapidshare.com/files/14336864/_C71__PROJECT_YNP_ALiBAT__ORIGNAL_SOUND_TRACK_MP3_320k_no_bk_.rar.html
Very much do like.

>> No.3716   [Delete]

Much like other people asking, I'm wondering how do you select other costumes? I can't figure it out.

>> No.3724   [Delete]


Nevermind, I figured it out. But for people who don't know, you just hit p.

>> No.3749   [Delete]
File: 1182014478043.jpg -(8890 B, 327x132) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

whats this error means? ^^;;

>> No.3751   [Delete]

I got that and then I tried playing it again and it worked.

>> No.3753   [Delete]

i wish. it's machine code.

>> No.3819   [Delete]

Wish someone would shed a light to those ppl in need XD

>> No.3821   [Delete]

Did you try launching the game again after you got that message?

>> No.3834   [Delete]

Aye but still wont work...sigh
even tried reinstall but still wont work..... >_>

>> No.3835   [Delete]

Do you have the latest version of DirectX installed?

>> No.3837   [Delete]


Well latest is 9 right? so i guess i have it.

>> No.3852   [Delete]

As you can see from the first few letters, its a directx graphics error. As you can also see, noone has any idea what the actual error is, but its graphics related.

>> No.3857   [Delete]

Peter Noone?

>> No.3885   [Delete]

What does Doll/Medium level affect? Anything at all? Or simply a record so you can tell how much of your life you waste on ALiBAT?

>> No.3886   [Delete]

I'm pretty sure it's just a record.

>> No.3894   [Delete]

I think you're right. To quote myself earlier, (level*100+extra exp)/5=wins. Every 20 wins raises your level if that makes it any easier.

>> No.3896   [Delete]

Has anyone figured out how to do the online battles yet? I'd like to take on some people from here..

>> No.4040   [Delete]

does not work yet. Maybe for some sort of paid service in japan.

>> No.4318   [Delete]
File: 1183800399519.jpg -(140375 B, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Someone halp?
I've been trying to mount the .iso and install, and I've also received the folder of the data and sbapplocale etc. to be put directly into my Program Files, and I've tried every method mentioned in this thread.

All I get is the message in the screenshot. I've rebooted and screwed around with a bunch of settings already.

>> No.4319   [Delete]

Do you have to download 1.0 first

>> No.4336   [Delete]

I never saw such error. Is that vista?
Do this >>829 and this http://img215.imageshack.us/my.php?image=regionaloptionsclickokvz5.jpg
Now reboot your computer and run alibat1.5 WITHOUT applocale. This should work.

>> No.4981   [Delete]

/r/ seeders

>> No.5004   [Delete]
File: 1185887226830.png -(32767 B, 896x310) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Nah, it wasn't Vista, it was Aston.

Anyway, I've had the Asian language packs for a long time now, and I set my format/input to Japanese as suggested. I now get this error (see image).

I've got an urge to play this game again, if anyone knows what to do.

>> No.5034   [Delete]

So how does multiplayer work?

>> No.5055   [Delete]

Why is my game playing at 100x speed? God damnit. Its like some super DBZ shit. How can I get it at the right speed?

>> No.5069   [Delete]

My AliBAT decided to set the player one controls to joystick, and now I can't change them back. Is there any way to recover the controls without a reinstall?

>> No.5083   [Delete]

Buy a joystick

>> No.5222   [Delete]

hey i got it to work but what the hella are the doll cases for? does it give you energy? i seem to be popped random ass attacks by grabbing them and accumulating a shitload of them doesnt really help me out....wtf do they do?

>> No.5223   [Delete]

They give you ammo for attacks.

>> No.5224   [Delete]


That means it thinks something plugged into your computer is a joystick.

>> No.5246   [Delete]

My ver. 1.5 decided to stop working
I should go cut myself ;_;

>> No.5280   [Delete]

what are the "doll" and "medium" levels supposed to do?
do these increase ammo get, power or something like that?

>> No.5285   [Delete]

Medium modifies how fast it takes to spell cast
I THINK Doll modifies the damage the doll does.

>> No.5290   [Delete]

gives the illusion of progress.

>> No.5304   [Delete]

got the game to work... what the hell are the controls? and can they be customized?

>> No.5332   [Delete]


Customization Don't think so

Arrow keys = move
z,x,c do shit (sprint, jump and use current weapon)

Also how come Desu's huge vine thingy is so powerful? Everyone else seems to be evenly matched, apart from that move form her.

Also Boku FTW

>> No.5350   [Delete]

It's easy to dodge.

>> No.5403   [Delete]
  • google for "ppjoy", it emulates a joystick from the keyboard and whatnot. If you have an X-Arcade joystick, you need it for two player. Otherwise you can use it for two player from a single keyboard.
  • Network: I read on some torrent board that you need to have some japanese in your player name to get on, and you might need a japanese IP. I tried both, but my network sniffer didn't show it sending my player name to the lobby server (it's a simple HTTP post) but the lobby server (actually seems to be a webpage on project-ynp) reports an error message that when babelfished out of moon seems to refer to maintenance. Someone on the alibat forum (in japanese) was complaining about error 7 (same error i was getting) and the response was to buy a legal copy of the game, so dunno if they're just being jerks and it was really down for maintanence or what. If you can get it to connect to the lobby it "should" be easy to make a fake lobby server (just a static page?) to allow for LAN play.
>> No.5602   [Delete]

Mediafire links aren't working. Can someone reupload 1.5 to something that will host it properly?

>> No.5603   [Delete]

I will get on that give me a bit

Edit- uploading now will take a while.

Last edited 07/08/23(Thu)17:15.

>> No.5606   [Delete]

Here it is http://www.megaupload.com/?d=T1V1DVZQ

>> No.5607   [Delete]

I still can't get netplay to work and I've tried what you said. Also, since port 28264 (TCP/UDP) is used, I tried forwarding that and THAT still doesn't work.

>> No.5619   [Delete]

WTF Shinku is glitched O.O ?!

>> No.5624   [Delete]

5403 here.
I think they might be blocking ip's outside of .jp, either that or maybe the legit versions use a different link for the lobby. I don't think port forwarding would have any effect at this point unless you can get to the lobby.

>> No.5627   [Delete]

the download is corrupted for me...

>> No.5628   [Delete]

wtf? explain!

Last edited 07/08/24(Fri)19:15.

>> No.5630   [Delete]

Every time she's selected after the vs screen everything turns red LAWL, still I can go back to the main menu

>> No.5640   [Delete]


Last edited 07/08/25(Sat)04:44.

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>> No.5764   [Delete]


>> No.5781   [Delete]


>> No.5785   [Delete]
File: 1188511095156.jpg -(70878 B, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.5789   [Delete]


>> No.5790   [Delete]

>>5789 here, disregard, suck cocks, etc.

>> No.5795   [Delete]
File: 1188537931297.jpg -(87663 B, 400x1183) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.5816   [Delete]

Eh. had this game for some time, but how do you select alt. costumes? I can only get costume A.

>> No.5946   [Delete]

As far as I know, there are only 2 costumes. hitting Z, X, or C gets costume A, while hitting P gets costume B.

>> No.5971   [Delete]
File: 1188977048636.png -(57294 B, 724x643) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.5993   [Delete]

Oh, P? Thanks, didn't know you could use P.

>> No.6140   [Delete]
File: 1189400656908.jpg -(208936 B, 1440x900) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Anyway, I have the same problem with


That second chance exception thing. Apparently, his question was never answered...He;lp?

Pic very related.

>> No.6145   [Delete]

Hey guys, I have an ISO version of the ALIBAT version 1.5 How do I get it to work?

>> No.6152   [Delete]

I managed to unlock Kunkun after I finished Arcade Mode and was wondering if there's any other characters to unlock...

Also, how do I select Arcade-Mode's Black Shinku? Shinku's Costume B doesn't have the black wings and red aura around her...

Also, what's the highest level you got?

>> No.6155   [Delete]

A mistery what I also want to know. Please tell me, guys.

>> No.6157   [Delete]

Also, what if we don't have these Windows CDs?

Does anybody have a download for East Asian Language Support?

>> No.6162   [Delete]

If you updated to v1.5F you'll have Kunkun by default and you don't have to unlock him.

Finishing Arcade mode in Nightmare will unlock Hell difficulty.

If you leveled up a doll to level 30, that doll will have a glow of aura around her everytime you play with them. (Kunkun included)

I still don't know how to select the black Shinku with wings, anybody know about that?

>> No.6468   [Delete]


Last edited 07/09/19(Wed)12:09.

>> No.6475   [Delete]

We need a no locale patch for 1.5f.

>> No.6499   [Delete]

Meh, I patched it and no kun-kun, also for me Shinku is still glitched .

>> No.6712   [Delete]

Bump for he;lp.

>> No.6753   [Delete]

Okay. Call me an idiot, but how do I change difficulty?

>> No.6776   [Delete]

Disregard that, cocks, suck, etc. I figured it out.

Also, bump.

>> No.7232   [Delete]


I'm having the same trouble. From what I can see, the code 0x00401de0 is apparently 0x00446fdf in working attempts to boot it up via Command Prompt. An answer to this question'd be greatly appreciated, please and thank you.

>> No.7437   [Delete]
File: 1193962307244.jpg -(65824 B, 800x600) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Please help me. I suck at computers but I got past every other error so this might just be the last error.

How do I fix this?

>> No.7438   [Delete]

Download this: http://www.dll-files.com/dllindex/dll-files.shtml?kernel32

And put it in My computer > Local Disk (probably C) > Windows > System32

>> No.7439   [Delete]

Update to the latest version of DirectX, and install any other updates available. If that doesn't work, do a complete virus and trojan scan.

This sounds like really fucking bad idea. kernel32.dll is a critical system file and replacing it with anything that's not 100% compatible with your version of Windows will probably fuck shit up.

>> No.7456   [Delete]
File: 1194119109734.jpg -(5361 B, 168x107) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

HO!!!1 dudes i have a problem.. when i try to run the game, it shows me a error message (data file is broket)..
WTF does that mean and how can i fix it?
plx halp-desu...

>> No.7458   [Delete]

Switch your regional settings to Japan while playing the game.

>> No.7542   [Delete]

Okay,I have no idea what faek's moves are
All I know is G seems useless and S is (always) a Melee ranged attack for characters.
Can someone make a moveset plz?

>> No.7552   [Delete]



>> No.7556   [Delete]

oh god why did i laugh?

>> No.7598   [Delete]
File: 1195241678094.png -(215659 B, 432x848) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


>> No.7600   [Delete]

Yay! i beat shinku with kanaria on hell mode, took fucking forever, but i did it!

>> No.7762   [Delete]


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