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Hello, Desuchan. Did you know that in Thailand, there are no laws against prostitution, and that there is no age of consent? I sure as hell didn’t, so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered a little whorehouse in a dark alley. Oh my God, did I have a fucking awesome time. Let me tell you, my brothers, just how awesome this was…

So I enter the whorehouse, aptly named “Heaven on Earth”. Yes, it was in English, so I could tell that they had this place just to invite English-speaking tourists, and right off the bat, I strolled in. I didn’t even care the price, I just wanted to get my hands on some sweet little loli ass. As soon as I entered, I caught a glimpse of a 15 year old (?) boy walking into a bedroom with a loli that was in a yellow sundress. Being 17 at the time and having been corrupted by the influence of /b/, my cock was already springing to life. Walking up to the hostess, she asked me my age. My answer was, and I shit you not, “Who cares?”. She nodded and smiled, and asked for 50 American dollars. I dropped my jaw. Two hours for $50!? This was too good to be true.

I slammed my $50 on the table, and she led me into a back room, with a massive curtain. She asked me if I was ready, and I nodded my head like over nine thousand times, waiting for my chance. When the curtain opened, I nearly came right there. Wall to wall lolis sat in front of me, ages ranging from 8 to 11 years old. I couldn’t believe it. This was my selection!? FUCKING SCORE.

My eyes fell upon a little brunette Thai girl, with shoulder-length hair and freckles bespeckling her flawless facial features. I pointed to her, unable to speak. “Good choice”, the hostess said. Within seconds, I scooped her trembling body up, and hauled her to a bedroom, and without further ado, we got right down to business.

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“What is your name, beautiful?” I asked, my eyes like that of a sex-starved preteen. “M… Mizuko.” She stuttered, her face stricken with fear. She appeared only 11 years old so I didn’t bother to ask her age, because I didn’t want to ruin my painful hard-on. “Strip,” I commanded, and like a schizophrenic child afraid of ghosts in her clothes, she threw off her little purple dress, and there she was, standing before me, in her full nude glory. My cock lurched in my pants, and I felt like I was going to cum in a mere moment. She seemed to have read my mind, for her little, fragile hands shot out, and grabbed my zipper. Agonizingly slowly, she lowered the zipper, and her little fingertips pulled my cock out of my pants, which, by her mere touch, was standing at full attention.

She must not have ever seen a cock before, because she didn’t appear to know what to do with it. “Go on,” I urged, desperate for more of her heavenly touch. She got onto her knees and pointed my member at her face, and took a small lick at the head. Her tongue was sublimely warm as it swerved around the head of my cock, tasting every square inch of my member. First it danced around the head, and slid down the underside of my member, across ever inch of my 5-and-a-half inch cock down to my balls, and back up again. My eyes clamped shut, as I tried desperately not to fire my load right there. As soon as my cock was slick and warm, she plunged the head into her mouth, and lightly began sucking. Her skill with her mouth was exceptional, I felt as if the goddess of sex was sucking on me. She twisted her little mouth around my cock, jerked down and then upwards, completely going to town on my pressurized cock that was so desperately trying to hold back my semen. It soon began twitching like an epileptic kid who just watched the Desu Flash, and reading my bodily motions, crammed my cock all of the way into her mouth. Her throat twitched when my head touched the back of her mouth, her throat swallowing against my cock, trying not to gag. That was it – I came harder than I ever thought possible. I was lost in space, seeing stars as buckets upon buckets of cum poured down her throat. I couldn’t even tell I was moaning as she swallowed my cum as if it were yakult. I fell back upon the bed, cum shooting out of my cock like Old Faithful.

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“You’re awesome at that…” I choked out my words, coming back down to earth. “Th… thank you…” she responded, licking the cum off of her lips. She began stroking my cock, and at the feeling of her little hands upon my member, it soon sprung back to life. I wasn’t going to screw around this time, I was going in for it. I pulled her back on top of my, my cock wet from her heavenly saliva, and turned her around so that my cock was level with her round, plump ass. She got the hint instantly, and opened her little asscheeks, revealing the porthole to the abyss that my cock was going to plunge into as it were a nail. She sat down upon me, and in an instant, my cock was crammed deep into her pooper. “MOTHER FUCK!” I yelled, as her ass cheeks clamped onto my member like an iron vice. I had never felt something to tight in all of my life. She began bouncing up and down on me; her rectum, not used to this feeling, began twitching, massaging my cock in the process. I knew that there was no way in hell I was going to last if this kept up, so I dove in. I grabbed her little hips and pulled down, my cock going down to the hilt up her tight passage. I could already feel myself twitch, and my cock lurched so hard that I felt like I was going to cum out of her mouth.

My teeth gritted, and I thrusted several times into her anal cavity. She screamed, and I came like a thoroughbred. Cum leaked out of her ass, and I pulled out, my cock covered in my own cum and her blood. As I caught my breath, I reached around, and grabbed her by the throat. My eyes flashed a sinister flash, and I squeezed down on her little throat, feeling her trachea choke. “Where is Sarah Connor?” I demanded.

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Why does the forigen loli speak English?

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Less talky, more fappy.

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uh dude its a whorehouse meant for english speakers. a tourist attraction. i think the lolis would be forced to know basic english

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Not Bel Air'd?

Well this was a big waste of time.

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lol owned

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;_; Way to kill my boner.

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Way to go. A fellow /b/tard wandering the other chans congratulates you. you are a hero.

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Mizuko doesn't sound Thai.

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Thats because it isn't

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"So Not Copypasta"

“Where is Sarah Connor?”

too funny :D

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I came.

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