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Lookie lookie!

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Street Fighter 3?

Oh God i got soooo trapped by Remy on that game.

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Poison didn't get you?

Last edited 07/11/09(Fri)06:17.

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Actually surprisingly no he didn't.

In other words, when something in Street Fighter looks that womanly, you know its a guy, look at the actual girls like Chun, Makato, and Elena.

Last edited 07/11/09(Fri)06:50.

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You fucking Idiots, Poison IS a girl.


However ~{>:} that theory of 'if it looks too womanly it probably isnt' is actually a very good one to use, However i still don't see how Remy could have trapped you.

Last edited 07/11/09(Fri)11:48.

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Well, that article keeps saying that she has a p0n0s (newhalf)

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Quote please.

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However, Capcom of Japan received a phone call from a Nintendo rep opposing violence against women, so the developers changed them into pre-op transsexuals (more specifically stated as newhalves), but without changing the in-game sprites

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Do you think there is room for a penis in those shorts? cause I sure as hell don't.

Last edited 07/11/10(Sat)11:50.

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According to Capcom, there is.

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Fuck you Capcom, next time someone tells you some shit about women not being allowed to be opponents in fighting games tell them to get their bitch asses back into the kitchen and make you a sandwich.

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Tiem to see if I remember how to italicise!

"Capcom of USA's current policies of changing character stories, backgrounds and otherwise censoring helped result in further confusion as to whether the characters were male or female. Capcom Japan contributed to this themselves in All About Capcom[1] by proposing the idea that Poison had a sex change and was now female, only to come back later and state she in fact was still a newhalf. This was reiterated again with Capcom Classics Collection, though now Roxy was stated as female in her bio. Capcom has yet to state otherwise for either character since."

Oooookay, not so sure about that part.

"Hugo and Poison are not involved in any relationship beyond good friends in the canon storyline: no evidence exists anywhere in to suggest otherwise. It's unknown if Hugo knows if Poison is a newhalf, or even cares."

Fien. It only said it twice in the article and not many times.

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It seems as though i need to learn to actually read wikipedia articles rather than just skim.

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