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What does /v/ think of COD4?

I just played it, and I thought it was pretty awesome, but short.

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I just beat the campaign like 5 minutes ago. I think the length was fine, If a game is too long I lose interest no matter how good it is.

The multiplayer is great as well.

First person to ask me for my live gamertag gets castrated, fucking FPS does not belong on console.

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"Shock and Awe" level was huge win amirite

>> No.1183   [Delete]

If I didn't blow my paycheque on assassins creed and etrian odyssey, I'd pick this up. I'll have to wait a week

>> No.1184   [Delete]

two thumbs up
Moogle loev CoD4 goodness.

I don't really get the whole console shooter thing either... >_>

edit: I know megu plays this too, what does the megu think?

Last edited 07/11/21(Wed)07:46.

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Good game is GOOOOOOOOOOD.

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Death From Above
That's a kill
Wow, I think that landed 2 feet from him
Good job, I see lots of tiny pieces
And of course,

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Multiplayer is win. Game is VERY pretty. The Marine AI is spot on too, according to my sources...

>> No.1200   [Delete]

BoxOfAids approves of CoD4.

Currently rank 52ish online, avg KDR of 1.2

Yeah, I'm not that good. Still fun though.

>> No.1219   [Delete]

Thank God they've given up on WWII games.

>> No.1220   [Delete]


I'll always love COD1, COD2 got really boring through out several parts of it, and haven't tried COD3. But yeah I agree.

>> No.1235   [Delete]


CoD 1 was godly, it was the only game whose multiplayer I've truly LOVED besides CoD4

>> No.1241   [Delete]


I love some WWII games but there's a metric fuckton of them. Anyway, now, I haven't checked out COD4.

>> No.1249   [Delete]

Highly recommended, as if you couldn't already tell. While it's always fun killing Nazis and all, it's just great fun popping the turban off a guy with a well placed headshot and satisfying splat.

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Killing my comrades isn't fun!

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File: 1195828295708.jpg -(76247 B, 848x606) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Never played a Nazi shootan gaem. I am a fan of Castlevania, however...

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I'm persecuted I tell ya.... persecuted!

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Could be worse, you could read this. Besides, how many other nazi vampires do we have here?

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On a sidenote, martyrdom can KISS MY ASS. That is all, thank you.

>> No.1349   [Delete]

Aww, but I got +30 from it...

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<<Your favorite SMG>>
<<Your favorite pistol>>
Stun Grenades x 3
UAV Jammer
Extreme Conditioning

Pokety Pokety Pokety! Run around like a fucking madman picking people off and/or stabbing everyone all while completely undetectable by their radar. If you're being chased, drop a stun or two to slow them down.

>> No.1407   [Delete]

AK-47 with grenade launcher
That semi-auto sniper before the Dragonuv

All I really need...

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File: 1196024352973.jpg -(70589 B, 275x410) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.



>> No.1428   [Delete]

First Assault rifle(forgot the name, the 3-round burst one) with Red Dot sight
Gold Deagle for the hell of it

Claymore x2 for S&D, Frag x3 for other spammy bullshit modes
Stopping Power (for lack of anything else worth having in this category)
Dead Silence (for lack of anything else worth having in this category)

I play hardcore mostly. I'd snipe some if it actually worked... you either grab a semi-auto and spam the hell out of it hoping you get 1-2 lucky hits, or a bolt action that would kill in one hit if any shots landed where you actually put them...

I used to use flash/stun, I stopped because it's a waste when it only lasts for 5 seconds tops even if the damn thing explodes in front of their FACE.

>> No.1443   [Delete]

My favourite weapon was that Sniper Rifle you get at the beginning of "Sins of our Fathers" (aka, the one where you kill Zakaehavs son) as it one-hit killed anything pretty much no matter where you hit them.

I'm pretty sure it didn't appear anywhere else in the single player game, can anyone confirm this?

>> No.1448   [Delete]

Gogo M16. I'm only level 30 something so I don't have everything unlocked yet >_>

The M700. I don't recall getting it anywhere else. Most of the time for sniper rifles they give you a M21 or you can find a Dragunov in almost every level.

>> No.1449   [Delete]


A dragunov is VERY fine, too. God damn that gun is sexy. I want to masturbate with it.

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File: 1196064952111.jpg -(11805 B, 650x124) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Here, have some Snaiperskaya Vintovka Dragunova

>> No.1467   [Delete]

I'm too lazy to cap it -___-
Someone else do please :3..

>> No.1477   [Delete]

lolibm you would never have this game without me ;45;

>> No.1509   [Delete]


as much as i like being capped, that was hardly cappable??

>> No.1510   [Delete]


you're a silly sausage

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