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Hey guys, I'm looking for a good free MMORPG I can get for the PC. Anyone will do. Know anything?


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There aren't any really good ones, honestly.

Some free ones I know of are Knight Online, Rappelz, and EVE Online if you pay with in-game money for timecards.

EVE Online is fun, and while it's technically free, it's more of "free if you play and can get a lot of money to pay for a timecard every month."

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Why don't you just ask us to divide by zero?

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You get what you pay for.

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I agree with 1208, but then again, this is coming from a WoW player. So take that as you will. I know a buddy of mine is big on FlyFF, so that might be good. RO is the obvious choice, but that might not mean it's the best choice.

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you can go with maplestory, but be prepared to get fucked over while starting out, while getting better near level 20

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Maplestory is fail.
Leveling takes days upon days unless you have no life and nothing better to do. Also the demographic is primarily age 9-14...
I played it a while ago, also was a leader of a guild, and stopped because I got a life.

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You could try Kingdom Of Loathing, though people tend to have polarised opinions on it.

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Don't forget that you can pretty much get through the entire thing with a rock taped to the attack button

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if you do start kol, i can give you some meat should you want help

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Ah yes, the currency in the Kingdom of Loathing is meat. Reason enough to play the game.

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"Good" and "MMORPG" don't really go together. There's a nice selection of shitty MMORPGs that are free though.

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*Here's a list of MMOs to AVOID :*
-Ragnarok Online(Dramafags, etc.)
-MapleStory(Fail and aids graphics and gameplay)
-World Of Warcraft(Obvious enough)
-Guild Wars(Moar liek Gay Whores amirite? -Storyline is shit, gameplay is sub-par and from a point of view, more expensive than WoW)
-Runescape(It's aids in a java applet.)
-FlyFF(I know many gays that play this game, literally. Also, HUEG LIEK PS3 grindfest.)

General tips
Find ones that are 100% free, like Space Cowboy(for now). Don't play ones that are "play for free, pay to enjoy" sorts.

Last edited 07/11/22(Thu)18:54.

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lol maplestory

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Rumble fighter.

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you forgot everquest

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Also EVE, FFXI, Lineage, etc.

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Ah, you kids and your intolerance towards homosexuals, ha ha ha.

But yeah, you are mostly right, except Guild Wars isnt more money than WOW, because with GW there is no monthely fee, which is the most painful aspect of MMO's (besides complete tedium)

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The problem is everybody already & still playing it since you were born. There's no escape! Well unless you have a Time Machine or commit a suicide.

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So... basically, there are NO good MMO's?

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