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Who here plays their PSP at all?

I use it 99% for browsing the web, but I play some demos on it sometimes.

>> No.44   [Delete]

I play 300: Path to Glory with it.
Also I want to get God of War.

>> No.47   [Delete]

Recently got a slim, use it to play Tales of Eternia, Breath of Fire III, and music. Not planning on getting into homebrew or anything.

>> No.50   [Delete]

How is 300: Path to Glory?

>> No.51   [Delete]

I'm gonna get war of the lions as soon as I finish FF5 on GBA. f'n grind fest at the end is ruining the game ;_;

>> No.55   [Delete]

I don't have one because I can't afford it. :D

>> No.57   [Delete]

It's only $170. Everybody can afford one.

>> No.63   [Delete]


>> No.66   [Delete]

Got one at launch, haven't touched it in 2 years.

>> No.69   [Delete]

I play mine regularly. Once I get Gundam Battle Chronicle I'll probably be glued to it for a while...

>> No.70   [Delete]

Good enough to keep you busy.

>> No.72   [Delete]


just beat it :) Maybe I should get FF6 instead...never played it.

>> No.73   [Delete]

mine is brokeded. ;__;

>> No.75   [Delete]

DO IT. FFVI is arguably the best FF(most people, I think, are FFVII fanboys because it was the first FF they played). No, really, it is awesome.

>> No.76   [Delete]

Good. Wait till Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days gets released and buy it with the special edition DS. Best. DS gaem. Evar.

>> No.78   [Delete]

been playing FFT a lot recently.

can't wait for Castlevania this week.

>> No.106   [Delete]

Don't forget about the PSP KH game as well!

I go back in forth to being heavily into DS to being heavily into PSP, but after I sold my lite a few months back, I haven't had the slightest motivation to play my DS at all (I still have my original DS). My PSP is pretty trashed up, but I might get a slim later on, or at least when my PSP finally dies/breaks/explodes.

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File: 1193102565277.jpg -(25403 B, 500x284) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Oh yes, I'm definitely looking forward to the new KH PSP game. It's why I bought a PSP a week ago. Just to be sure I'd have one when the time comes. I own 3 versions of all the PS2 games + CoM + Re:CoM... XD It's pretty sad...

>> No.366   [Delete]

i got one on launch too but dont really play it much, except for when i feel the urge to dig out some psx games like resident evil. the only psp games i really got into were lemmings, jeanne d'arc and infection for about a week

>> No.383   [Delete]

I play mine a bit. Custom firmware + .iso + 4 gig memstick ftw.

Am I the only person looking forward to Disgaea psp? Haet FFT, playing it is like stabbing yourself in the kidney with a pencil. I know the story is supposedly really good... I just cant put up with the game, even moreso now that there's lag all over the place. Also, it lacks DFC/lolis or something else nice to look at... an important aspect of games that I spend a lot of time playing.

>> No.385   [Delete]

I brought one in Tokyo about 2 years ago, i play a couple of games, kinda waiting for Castlevania and Silent Hill 0 atm

>> No.420   [Delete]

Got mine, playing FFT oh and replaying Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth. also Breath of Fire III.

>> No.423   [Delete]

I just bought one a few days ago, so yes, I play. A bit. Mainly SNES ROMs, though, since I'm too cheap to buy PSP games and too impatient to download them. Disgaea for PSP sounds faptastic.

>> No.463   [Delete]

>>383 here.

Looks like U.S. Disgaea psp leaked, I downloaded it yesterday, it releases the 30th. Fuck yeah, piracy! I'll probably buy it because it's a good game, though. So far It plays just like on the PS2, sprites are a bit more crisp on the smaller high-res psp screen.

Seems like this is just a remake of Disgaea 1 on the PS2, with an extra campaign/story after you beat it where Etna is the lead rather than Laharl.

>> No.493   [Delete]

I say, the only PSP game I would want to get, if I ever get a PSP is GTA. My god, GTA PvP plx?

>> No.1560   [Delete]

I play mine a bit everyday mainly disgaea, some ROMS or simply some fighting game while waiting for the Train to go home. I only think its too bad that the N64 emulator for it and the roms kinda suck playing (well it happens the same on the pc i guess ..)

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