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Anyone play this? This thread is also used to keep you up to date in the happenings of Hovernmus' Bygeniou City United.

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What is this and where can I get it?

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It's OVER 1GB. Meh, looks liek I won't be joining you guys. 198kbit connection = 11 hour download.

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oi m8 lold @ name

game needs mod to make characters eyes red/green

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For those that have slow connection, you can download it in small pieces. Click on the link below & scroll down at the bottom:

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You CAN edit the .tga files but I'm too PS-tarded to do so.

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Desuchan brigade is a go.

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We play on the Hovernmus server, BCU faction.

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File: 1195651540347.png -(735928 B, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Awesome event

BCU successfully defended a Strategic Point for once! ANI gave up half way and sends in half-assed newbies now and then. Another 500 NCP to the pot!

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.. is that battletoads?

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;__; Registration process is still holding me back. I'll be on when I can.

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File: 1195660697846.jpg -( B, 400x400) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Laden Binder is fucking sexy.

In other news

I need ideas for designs on my next custom job(even though my current custom job for my chassis isn't in yet). General reference in image.

Last edited 07/11/21(Wed)18:58.

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I played this a while ago. I might have to get back into this now...

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Post your IGN if you don't mind.

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meh, I started playing again. Name is nanlak, but I probably won't be on often.

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Before I go nuking my download limit, what's the control system like? Straight FPS or is it like Freelancer?

>> No.1209   [Delete]


It's like Freelancer on the free move mode, where you just point in the direction u want to go. Except you can only shoot in a small area in the middle of the screen.

But I don't really care for it and my game lags miserably in the town area. I may or may not play it. I'd need some help if I decide to play, too, it's kind of confusing.

>> No.1211   [Delete]

... WAT

I log on three days later, BAM, all my fucking jets are gone.

... WAT.

>> No.1216   [Delete]

So the guns only fire forwards. Hmm.
I'm in, see you in a week.

>> No.1221   [Delete]

You logged on to the wrong server perhaps, I realized that when I found out I was playing Trimus the first time.

In other news
We successfully defend yet another Strategic Point! ANI gave up halfway yet again due to our superior firepower!

Hovernmus is currently down, so chill the fuck out while it's under maintainence.

Last edited 07/11/22(Thu)09:55.

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Hovernmus server back up.

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I farted.

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File: 1195728611318.jpg -(945244 B, 1600x1200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


And I'm real good at crashing, too. XP

>> No.1229   [Delete]

Huge Success

>> No.1244   [Delete]

jesus fuck, this game is confusing.

Somewhat addicting though.

>> No.1245   [Delete]


Remember to post your in-game names so I know who to invite

>> No.1246   [Delete]


Ohhhh.. I didn't know it did that. Thanks.

>> No.1247   [Delete]


In-game name is BoxOfAids, not high enough level yet lol

>> No.1248   [Delete]


in game name is "Danaru", We're BCU right?

>> No.1255   [Delete]

Ingame profiles (to date...)
Aphex (I-type), BrokenAngel (A-Type) and Lightstep (M-type).

Last edited 07/11/23(Fri)11:46.

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Oh lawd, I just had my first duel at around level 16.

I'm just flying around in Bach Mountains, in the safe channel of course, and some double nigger challenges me to a duel. So I'm liek "ok, lol" and the duel starts with him right fucking behind me, I hadn't noticed he was there. I was like "OH DICK!" and I immediately held my mouse on the left side of the screen.

And so we circled around each other for what had to have been around 4 minutes, because I had Fury of the Storm playing, which is 6+ mins and I started in the middle of it. Neither of us was making much progress. I had hit him with mah lazors a little bit, but not much, but he had hit me with missiles once, wiped all my shields and a bit of energy, but my shields had long since recovered. Suddenly, Ready to Die by Andrew W.K. starts blasting, which was perfect, because the guy stop circling, attempting to come straight at me, at which point I launched 8 missiles at him, delivering an ungodly asswhooping. He turned to try to start circling again, but I got 4 more missiles off, nearly destroyed him, and he crashed into a mountain, thus ending this epic battle.

I laughed, came, and continued with my business.

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File: 1195838629536.jpg -(19931 B, 156x106) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hmm, I downloaded it but it said the server wasn't activated. =P

Am I doin it rong?

>> No.1268   [Delete]


Yes. You downloaded the wrong version. I did the same thing.

you probably got version, but you need version


This is what you need, once you install it and start up the client, it will automatically update to, then you can register an account and get going.

>> No.1272   [Delete]

Thanks for taking over for a sec.

After holding Den A(A.N.I territory) a good time, a Strategic Point suddenly spawns back in "the motherland", also it was in Starlite Valley, worst defense map. Needless to say, our valiant soldiers tried their best but fell.

Also, sorry for being asleep when you PMed me Box, I was flatout wafflefaced.

>> No.1290   [Delete]

Ok, it's all good now.

Now I'm fling around killing bees and what-not.

Name: RipvanWinkle

>> No.1317   [Delete]


Not a problem, I just powerlevelled to level 20 lol

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File: 1195859830217.png -(313164 B, 529x457) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


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File: 1195862624191.jpg -(38835 B, 308x239) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Hmm, well I'm level 12 and joined up with the BCU Faction, so you should see me wandering around.

I have no idea what I'm doing though, heh

Last edited 07/11/24(Sat)07:27.

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File: 1195878169635.png -(916735 B, 1024x768) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

haha, BCU Faction has quite a familiar looking logo. =D

>> No.1340   [Delete]

Needs custom char models IMO.

>> No.1341   [Delete]


for a while I thought I was the only one who noticed that

>> No.1342   [Delete]

What is it similar to?
You can set custom textures, that's as far as the customization goes.

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File: 1195919192671.jpg -(22586 B, 381x200) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


It's the Imperial Eagle.

>> No.1344   [Delete]
File: 1195919434078.png -(5142 B, 324x216) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


except they seem to have replaced the swastika with the schutzstaffel insignia

>> No.1346   [Delete]

Ohshi- conspiracy, also, Rip, I'll try to get you into the brigade but our times online don't seem to coincide, unluckily. I'll try my best to log on until you do.

>> No.1351   [Delete]


sorry for not being on lately, I've had to work a lot, but I'll be able to get on tomorrow

(I'm level 11, and forgot whether we were BCU or ANI for a minute, so I'll select BCU when I get on)

>> No.1352   [Delete]


We need some for of Desu-Standard Time for these online games we all play.

Heh, I'm now level 15 and I just figured out Skills. Still don't know anything about Strategic Points and the general War and what not though.

>> No.1408   [Delete]

Strategic Points(Known in short form as SP) are points where when spawned in one's nation's territory, you have to defend. Vice versa with ones that spawn in the other nation's territory. If you sucessfully defend your nation's SP, you gain a SPI capsule, giving you a random amount of SPI when opened. Likewise with other nation's SP, only that your objective is to destroy it.

Wars pretty much start out as small fights until one fucker decides to call in the near whole of BCU to fight then a huge Back City(Bark in short) war ensues.

Location Lingo From BCU to ANI

Stones(Stone Ruins)
Tylent(Tylent Jungle)
Bach(Bach Mountain Chain)
BBS(Black Burn Site)
Zay(Zaylope Beach)
SL(Starlite Valley)
RL, Red(Redline)
Den B(Tunnel system to Bark City, Den Site of B)
Bark(Bark City)
Den A(Tunnel system from ANI territory to Bark City, Den Site Of A)
Plains(Plains Of Doleful Melody)
CC(Crystal Cave)
Ardor(Desert of Ardor)
Edmont(Edmont Valley)
Rey(Reynard Beach)

...Now you know where is where. ;D

Last edited 07/11/25(Sun)14:03.

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File: 1196010414619.jpg -(69007 B, 450x677) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Hmm, guess I need to level up 'cuz I haven't seen those maps yet.

I just went on a Sporty hunting mission, 60 of those fuckers, but at least it got me up to level 19.

>> No.1419   [Delete]

I'm going to see if I can get in on this, although this may be too much graphic power for my PC (as in 'P'eice of shit 'C'omputer)

>> No.1423   [Delete]

You can access them from level 20 onwards

5K- more NCP until Mothership!

>> No.1424   [Delete]
File: 1196032798649.jpg -(68636 B, 450x677) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


yup, I got up to 20 and saw that on the warp map.

though at level 21 now I'm still wayyyyyyyyyyy to weak to do any good fighting enemy Gears. I did a quick test at Starlight Valley and got my ass kicked. =P

>> No.1429   [Delete]

LOL. Fantastic.

>> No.1435   [Delete]

Add me:



>> No.1440   [Delete]

I started up a A-Gear today (Name: LoliBM) and got it up to level 16. I'm kind of tempted to ditch my B-Gear and just stick with the A-Gear.

Dual cannon is made of loooooove <3

>> No.1445   [Delete]


Please more of this

>> No.1470   [Delete]

Server broken?

>> No.1478   [Delete]


ANI Mothership, Horus, was recently downed by our valiant BCU pilots, many lost but we struck hard and fast. Enjoy Hornian King Habitat and Eopi!

Last edited 07/11/26(Mon)18:53.

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File: 1196096505734.jpg -(87681 B, 450x677) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


I killed 50 giant insect-like things and was showered with praise by many. =P

>> No.1481   [Delete]

Please do tell us what actually happened.

>> No.1489   [Delete]
File: 1196119518435.jpg -(63279 B, 410x510) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Finally able to power to Level 26 after a grueling mission that had me killing 60 of those evil little jets that live in BBS.

Someday I'll have the power to fight ANI Gears!

>> No.1490   [Delete]

level 37.

Cant take the grinding much longer.

Damn special olympics.

>> No.1493   [Delete]


I was there... also level 26 now


>> No.1494   [Delete]
File: 1196124567942.jpg -(32000 B, 301x300) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Can't be King of the World, if your a slave to the grind.

>> No.1504   [Delete]
File: 1196142385124.jpg -(204414 B, 1280x1024) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.

Some guy from here commented on my video due to Rozen Maiden banshee singing awesomeness. Figuring as I haven't been here in a while, (I stopped coming here when the individual doll boards were just beginning to form) I might as well drop by and say Hi.


Dualists become terrible after level 38, the level you attain +1 Cont. Fire siege mode. 1x1 Standard Weapons are the ones you go for.

The reason behind this is simple, +1 continuous fire gives only 1 extra shot. Supremes, Jackhammers, Magicthunders, Bigsmashes, Megas, and Heats fire at 1x1. In siege mode, that would be transformed into (1+1)x1, effectively doubling the damage they deal.

Codies, Big Mounts, Double Drives, and the Haxxor Omega Mount fire at 2x1. In siege mode, this would be transformed into (2+1)x1, only giving a 50% increase in damage output.

The Omega Mount is the only exception to the failure-ness of dualists, because it sacrifices re-attack time for omgwtfhax damage. (Imagine having your standards hit 600-700 damage a shot, every 0.7 seconds in Siege.) Too bad you have to be level 80, finish a mission that requires access to a mothership reward area and only gives you a 33% chance to attain it.

On another note

This is not to say that dualists are completely useless, Airsiege modes level 75 and below increase your damage percentage by a fuckton, without the cont. fire bonus. You'll be seeing decent damage being dished out, along with the added bonus of being able to cancel out and barrel roll.

tl;dr Use (1x1) Standard Weapons for A-Gears.


I feel your pain :V, I'm level 80 on Joymus.

>> No.1508   [Delete]


I want to fuck Fate in the anus

>> No.1513   [Delete]

Can someone who have the update patch .55 to .74 upload it to rapidshit or somehting. I've already search it at the official website but all the link there are dead. I don't want to wait downloading again another gig because of my slow 1Mb internet connection. Plox!

>> No.1515   [Delete]


I should consider moving to Joymus, at least there are people who know Touhou there :U. Also, I was the guy who commented on your video.

See said video here : http://youtube.com/watch?v=UuznzzCehRQ

Last edited 07/11/27(Tue)17:17.

>> No.1516   [Delete]

So I was flying around Zaylope Beach killing Ghosts and Fireflys and such when I spot this giant ship called "Photos" or something.

I fly over to take a look and it turns me to ash in one shot. What the Hell was that thing?

>> No.1517   [Delete]



That was the enemy cruiser juggernaut whatever the fuck it's called. Enjoy your rape.

>> No.1520   [Delete]

NPC side mothership, if you follow the tiny storyline at all(Or if you don't read the briefing/debriefings of missions). The factory you see in Zaylope is a self-efficient factory that is constantly producing AI-equipped gears. Long abandoned, the factory, equipped with a AI capable of thinking for itself, still continues producing these gears, so Pathos is a project of the AI, no actual person is piloting it.In later missions you'll need to take out the fuel tanks A & B to cripple and hopefully disable the factory. In a sidestory mission, you'll be ordered to take out Pathos(which I can't complete due to jackasses stealing the kills) and clear the area of the scraps of AI left around the factory. Also, yes, it's a rape machine for lower levels.

>> No.1524   [Delete]


heh, I saw that thing nose down grinding it's way through the ocean just now, it's AI pilot must be drunk.

>> No.1526   [Delete]

Oh trust me, I've seen worse, the whole damn thing was submerged once.

>> No.1527   [Delete]

Cant find a decent picture of their logo on the internets :/
Would fit great into the DesuStrike Flag or somewhere oround it.

>> No.1528   [Delete]

Oh on the topic of logos, we are in need of a logo for our brigade, specifics are 24x14(width x height) and 32-bit BMP. Get creative! I'll try to pick one out for us to use, people's opinion are highly welcomed as I can't make decisions all the time. Post your entries and such on the thread I just crossposted over to /ro/.

Last edited 07/11/27(Tue)23:47.

>> No.1531   [Delete]

Add me: Jissou

Also, our logo needs some desu or junku

>> No.1532   [Delete]

Is it can be Nanlak (IGN) invite time too? I don't play often, and it shows since I'm only level 16...

>> No.1537   [Delete]
File: 1196212951856.png -(108417 B, 340x231) Thumbnail displayed, click image for full size.


Heres a clean version.

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