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Scheduled for release this December 5.

As always, Suigintou hosts this show, with her assistant Megu.

You will listen to it, won't you?

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Wait, what? What is this? I'm intrigued.

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It's a CD that was Suigintou hosting a radio show. She answers your problems if she feels like it, listens to pleas of people wanting to be her mediums, and praises. Megu is sorta a Dr. Love assistant. Suiseiseki and Souseiseki were guest personalities, and Shinku is worried about her popularity since her radio show didn't work out (When Suigintou was a guest personality in it, she stole the show away).

Also, Suigintou likes to be patted on her head. And is one hell of a tsundere for Megu and Kunkun.

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And a tiny picture of the cover I found.

Also: there's a Christmas drama CD coming out on Dec. 21

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Sounds great! Stupid question maybe, but uh, will this be in English or Japanese? Also:

>When Suigintou was a guest personality in [Shinku's radio show], she stole the show away.

Well naturally!

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Still worth it.

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Unyuunymous helps those with no moon language skills.

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